Cnet has elected not to allow users to upload onto their servers as there has been countless problems with misuse/abuse of that ability. However, you can post a link to such an image. Personally, I use ImageShack, which lets you upload pictures (1MB or smaller) at a time for free. Just go to their site, browse for the screenshot on your hard drive and click "host it." On the following page, the second to the last link will be the direct link to the image...copy and paste the link in your message here at Cnet.

As far as the video goes, the only suggestion I could make is to roll back the drivers to the ones that came with the computer and either stick with them or try upgdating again. To roll back your driver, right-click "my computer," select properties, select the "hardware" tab, and click "device manager." Click the plus sign next to "display drivers," right-click the device, and select properties. Then, under the "driver" tab, choose "rollback driver."

Hope this helps,