Very very very slowing burn and verify speed

Hi. I have 5 new DVD RW from Asus brand.
When I start burning just 1 DVD at 16x speed, nero burns by good speed in less than 7 or 6 minutes.
But when I want to write 5 different datas in 5 dvds at the same time, it burns very very slow and it takes 30-45 minutes long to write theme without the verify! And then starts the verify, It verifies at 1-2x speed!
I test my problem by Nero 2014, 2016 and 2017 but the problem occurred at all times! Also I tested by some other softwares but...
NOTE:My system is new and fresh and my memory card is 8GB 2400MHz
Please help me

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Reporting: Very very very slowing burn and verify speed
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Re: same time

Burning 5 DVD's simultaneously in one writer? That's strange.

If you're using 5 burners in parallel, writing the same data more or less at the same time, you might run into hardware limits:
- How are these 5 burners connected to your one PC or laptop?
- Where is the source located?
- How much of the CPU is used if you burn one DVD? If that's more than 20, then burning 5 at the same speed is obviously impossible.
- You post in a forum about "PC applications". That doesn't seem the right forum for this question.

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I said that I have 5 DVD RW and I put 1 DVD in each...
1- They are SATA and internal. I installed them into my PC.
2- My source data is in my External hard drive that connected to my PC by USB3 .
3- Less than 20%
4- Where Should I create this topic?

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Re: burner

The first time I read your post, I read that you had bought 5 DVD RW disks. But now it's clear that you meant DVD RW burners.

Does it make a difference if you copy the source data to your internal hard disk first? That's the first and easy thing to try.

The next experiment would be to compare burning to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 disks, to see if there's a bottleneck reached somewhere. Also keep track of the ressource usage in task manager and the Windows Performance monitor.
And check another burning program like CDBURNERXP (free) in stead of using Nero.

I think a hardware forum like is better suited. I don't think it's a software issue, unless it's solved by not using Nero.

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You are saying that I create this topic in that forum again?

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Thanks for your answer. I transferred contents of 3 disks to my internal (ssd) hard. Now I started the burning 5 disks: 3 DVD from my internal hard and 2 DVD from external hard.
My problem has been solved and my burning time has decreased from 61 minutis to 5 minutes! Happy

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And ...

At the moment you have proven that with your setup (source data on external hard disk on USB3, 5 SATA burners, Nero, your motherboard and 8 GB RAM) it takes as long as using 1 burner to burn and verfiy 5 disks in squence as it takes to use 5 burners and use them in parallel. Or maybe it's even faster if you include the verify.

So now it's time to vary parameters to find the optimum throughput.

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So many possible bottleneck areas.

I'd start with a single drive burning and NO USB devices to benchmark what is pretty much a standard setup. From there grow your system.

Also I always record at HALF the media or drive speed whichever is lowest for safety.

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I don't understand

I don't understand what you said!

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Sorry about that.

You are a system integrator or builder so take time to learn how to benchmark and work up to a bigger system.

If you need to burn many discs consider buying a DVD replicator.

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No I don't need duplicator

No I don't need duplicator. The duplicator just copies 1 disk to one or more other disks. But I want burn 5 disks by 5 different datas from my hard.

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There are machines that do that.

As you told above there are bottlenecks and I noted one in the USB area. The other is RAM. A DVD is 4.7 or more GB and you have 8GB RAM so the throughput of the USB will be a bottleneck.

Also, if your CPU is less than say 4 cores then that could be an issue.

Best solution? Just make a few duplicators to get as much speed as possible. And don't use USB for any links.

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Start a burn of 5 disc.
Open the resource monitor and flip through the different areas.
There might be a clue as to what is getting maxed out.

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maybe its nero tryed with another software?.

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