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Vertical black line on Sony PFM-50C1 Plasma Display

My Sony PFM50C1 plasma display has a 1-inch wide vertical black line that runs from the top of the screen to the middle, about 8-inches from the right edge of the display. The authorized Sony technician who came to look at it referred me to the manufacturer's repair
facility in San Diego. Since the warranty has expired, it will cost me $1100 for round trip shipping to the Sony facility plus whatever the repair costs might be. Do I have any good options besides junking the unit?

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Reporting: Vertical black line on Sony PFM-50C1 Plasma Display
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What do you have to do?

Buy a first class airline ticket to get it there? $1100.00 shipping?? Are you in the United States? $1100 + repairs?? Put it on e-bay for parts.

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if a sony Technision came to you house that means he came from a sony repair center which means they can repair your set locally I live in San Jose ca. and there are 6 sony repair centers in my area Almost any local repair station in your area should be able to make the repairs Where do you live? and how old is the t.v. steweee

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Yes something is fishy...

I live in Maryland (Baltimore/Washington DC area). The guy who came by was from a Sony Authorized repair shop, not a Sony repair facility. The TV is 4 years old.

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What IS the diffrence?

'Sony Authorized repair shop, not a Sony repair facility' ????? If they could not fix the tv, why they come out? Silly Is it because of the model?

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The technician told me that fixing this thing requires a special multi-million dollar machine (for calibration or whatever)which independently owned repair shops - even those authorized by Sony - do not have. For that reason it has to go back to the Sony facility in San Diego. Furthermore Sony confirmed that they do not have alternate facilities on the east coast. So my only choice (per Sony) is to have them send me a shipping container and arrange for a shipper at a cost of $550. Maybe I'll get a second opinion from another repair shop.
Can anybody out there recommend one in the Baltimore/Wasington area?

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This is what repair shops do They find the problem at board level, and then get the new p.c. board from the manufactor exchange Then the manufactor will take your old defective board put it on a special machine that tests and prints out what componit is bad then board is retested and if it passes then is put back into stock its called re-cycle This is also done with auto computors they alse are re-cycled. I would hate to see you throw away a nice t.v. OPlease contact sony direct I see no reason to spend all that money on shipping your whole t.v. In closing Years ago I owned a 53" Sony monster when it died the tech came out checked out a few componits with his d.v.m. meter pulled a the power supply p.c. board and a week later brought a new board that he got from Sony and that was it I believe it cost me about $235.00 toatal p[lease post back we would all like to hear about tyhe outcome good luck to yoy steweee

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Wow, after reading all the posts,,,

you are between a rock and a hard place!!
I suggest you get more info about the problem and why it needs to be sent back, what exactly IS the problem!!!!
If the problem was just a logic card they could field replace it.
If have a gut feeling that the problem is with the plasma panel and they are going to try to repair it. Ask Sony what the chances are of this being done successfully??? And an estimate of the full cost of this!!!
$1,100 for shipping still seams way, way out of line. Then maybe $500+ more for the actual repair? Even if it can be successfully repaired you will have spent $1,500+ on a 4 year old plasma that is out of warranty.
Sony stopped making plasma sets in 2004,I think. Is your set an ED(640x480) set???
While your waiting for info from Sony, Go look a new plasma sets and see what you can buy for $1,500~2,000 dollars. You can get a 50" Panasonic HD 720p plasma for this kind of money. John

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Good advice

The unit is High Def 1365x768. I can buy it new for about $3500 today - though I paid a heck of a lot more 4 years ago. So my thinking is I shouldn't spend more than $1K on repairs.

Thx for your good advice - I'll follow up with Sony to get a better handle on the problem and cost of repair. Thanks to all ... will keep you posted.

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Sony has fully resolved problem.

Sony has replaced my defective Plasma monitor. Talk about outstanding world-class service. I am absolutely delighted.

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Really am pleased for you getting one of those examples of

Sony really taking care of their customers. I used to be a fairly enthusiastic Sony customer & user of a variety of their products. But I had what I thought was a fine XBR CRT that died in just 4 years. Even though it was sitting in a well ventilated spot the plastic became nearly crumbly to the touch from heat eminating from the unit. Judgment was it was unfixable.

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Another reason to buy a top brand t.v. I did a little test myself. I called every warrenty repair shop in my area, and wrote doen names of off brand sets then asked if they could repair them or do warrenty repair Every shop told me they would not touch them with a ten foot pole Before I buy any t.v. I first check out the phone book first to make sure it can be repaired locally So happy for you streweee

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i have the same problem

i Have th same problem with my sony plasma pfm-50c1, who you contact to resolve this problem?

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isnt ther an easier way

I heard thers a program or even simpler a channel on ur package that u go to the chanel and the channel is just a brightt white line tht scans the tv and u let it sit ther for a couple hours and it completly cleans the whole screen from any distortions lines or colours.

Does anyone know this channel or how to find it
I hav rogers HD so please tell me the channel number

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Help with Sony contact - Vertical Black lin

I have a similar problem with my 37" plasma, but my black line is on the left side and runs the full height. When it started, the line would actually disappear after the TV being on for about 2 hours, but now it is permanent.

Any info, contact name, numbers you can help with me getting my set fixed is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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verticle black line on 37"

Did you find a resolution to your problem? I have a 37" Sony plasma and now have a think black line running top to bottom too.

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