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Verizon DSL Slow Speed Issue

by Strad / January 3, 2006 4:15 PM PST

For couple of years, I was very happy with my Verizon DSL service untill about 4/5 weeks ago, my happiness ended. I noticed a dramtic slowing down with my DSL connection, I started to run Verizon speed test: everyday monitoring my connection. The service I supposed to get is 3MB, however, during the days, my connection, according the the speed test, dropped down to something like 56K/126k/256k in variations. I started to spend large amount of time with Verizon DSL Tech Support. And eventually, after my case was full of remarks, Verizon's first tier and second tier support had enough with me...refused to give me help any more, asked me to take my computers back to the manufactures.
Right now at 2/3 am in the morning, my DSL speed is excellent, my speed test is showing a perfect score, 3MB! Does DSL have traffics like the dail-ups?
What happened? Does it something to do with Verizon/Yahoo deal that changed some configuration from their end?

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DSL speed is dependant. . .
by Coryphaeus / January 3, 2006 9:20 PM PST
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Verizon DSL Slow Speed Issue
by Strad / January 3, 2006 11:58 PM PST

Verizon said that is nothing wrong from their end. They ran a test for my line and modem, showed that I am getting their highest speed, 3MB which is available for my service. They said it is my PC's problem. I have another brand new notebook in networking with my desktop, the result is the same, sluggish slow!
Ran a test again this morning at 11am, speed tast result is 128k, 174.7KBits/21.8KBytes. Unbelievable!

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If you are using a router, remove it and check again.
by Ed Mead Forum moderator / January 4, 2006 7:15 AM PST
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RE: If you are using a router, remove it and check again.
by Strad / January 4, 2006 8:26 AM PST

Thanks though, done that. As a matter of fact, Verizon is shipping me their newest Westell 6100. I have been using my Linksys Wireless Router for 2 years, everything goes wrong just very recently.

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I'm having the same problem
by janelane74 / January 4, 2006 2:23 PM PST

It also happened approximately 4 or 5 weeks ago that I noticed that my DSL speed had slowed down to a crawl. It's about as fast as when I had dial-up. Sometimes pages load quickly, other times, very slowly. But downloading files is always s-l-o-w now. I've tried running anti-spy software, cleaning out my registry on a regular basis, all to no avail.

My next step was to contact Verizon tech support, but it sounds like they're useless.

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I have had a recent Verizon DSL slowdown also
by ThePhantom / February 19, 2006 7:24 AM PST

I am in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, zip 11220.

The service from Verizon has always been very spotty over the two years plus that I have had the service. I almost quit a while back, but they gave me two and a half months credit and told me that the problem was temporary, so I hung in there.

It had been performing better, but it has never given me anything close to the 3000k I am supposed to get. There has been a big slowdown over the past week, with service as low as 250k, and with momentary spikes above 1000K.

Verizon told me that they were getting a read of a perfect line of over 3000k to my line, but I don't believe them. The tech guy wasn't lying, but they company has some serious technology problems, and their instruments are probably all defective.

My friend in Park Slope went nuts over the same problem six months ago, and he switched to Time Warner Cable. Since then he has 5000k or close all the time.

I can't live like this. I will have to switch to Time Warner Cable Internet service, because Verizon simply will never solve their technology problems.

In order to maximize my discounts, I will bundle cable with tv, which means leaving my beloved Directv, but...I need reliable Internet service, and Verizon cannot give it to me.

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I continue having slowdown with Verizon DSL
by Rich Davis / February 22, 2006 12:37 AM PST

I have also been experiencing substantial slowdown with Verizon DSL, in Maryland, DC area. Not only the connection is slow, but my service gets disconnected every once in a while. During the last disconnect incidence, just like the previous time, the Verizon tech support said the problem was associated with lack of service in my area. He issued a ticket and told me to expect a response in 72 hours! I called again, knowing that this was not the case, as in the prevous case. The next technician said it was an authentication issue. They twice reset my password. 24-hours later and after spending numerous hours on the phone, with Verizon tech support, I was finally able to restore the connection, by going through a protocol that I myself developed.

However, the connection remains extremely slow, around 65 Kbps with peaks at 95Kbps. In view of the slow speed, Verizon told me almost exactly what they told Strad: "that is nothing wrong from their end. They ran a test for my line and modem, showed that I am getting their highest speed, 3MB, which is available for my service. They said it is my PC's problem."

In my case, however, the technician suggested that I hire a technician and have "him" remove Spyware from my PC. I told him my technician is a "she". I told them further that "she" had checked my system and removed Spyware, but the connection remained still very slow. Interestingly, I am able to connect the same PC using a broadband wireless, with 5 to 8 times faster speed at 512 Kbps, than Verizon DSL (rated at 3Mbps) but providing only 65 to 95 Kbps.

I asked Verizon to provide credit by adjusting the previous months' rates to dial-up instead of $30 they charged me for the 3Mbps DSL service. They said my contract does not provide a guarantee for speed. It only indicates "up to" 3 Mpbs. Instead of providing credit, the representative wanted to switch my service to dial up or to 760kbp DSL. I declined, since I require fast service. I insisted that they repair the problem and bring back the service to optimal conditions.

This is outrageous! Their tech support is mostly incompetent. Their service is unreliable. They seem not to be able to deliver the service they advertise for. Charging $30 per month for basically a $5 dial-up service is unjustified.

Aren't there any regulations to help customers receive the service for which they pay for?

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Brooklyn DSL service has speeded up
by ThePhantom / February 23, 2006 9:03 AM PST


I almost hesitate to tell you this, but Verizon gave me 30 days credit without me asking. They clearly have discretion to do this.

And I must say that the service has pepped up a lot. Late last night, it was at 3000 kbits. Thought it might be because of the late hour, so now I check at 8pm today, and it is running 1600 - 2500 kbits. Not as fast as it should be, but not bad.

Did Verizon respond to my complaint? I could have given them credit for it, but the tech support people told me that the problem was with my computer, which I absolutely don't believe.

With Verizon DSL, they don't tell you the straight story, and you can't count on the service. I'm following through with the conversion to Cable internet service.

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I just reset my router
by deserttaxguy / February 25, 2006 3:36 AM PST

I too had periods of slow speed, but if I turn off my router and turn it back on to reset and log on fresh again, that restores my speed in all cases so far.
I have a wireless router they provided and I cant remember the name.

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DSL is horrible
by USMC_OORAH / September 5, 2006 5:27 AM PDT

I have Verizon DSL and its been going out and being very slow.
You may have noticed that your connection gets slower or disconnects more at a certain time. This is because DSL runs through phone lines and in aphone line there are tiny wires and your connection is only one tiny wire. When more people in yout area go online with DSL, dial-up, or talk on phone all of those are competing for space and that is the most likely cause of your problems.

When my DSL first went out i called tech support and the person said that there shouldn't be four lights on on my modem and i know that there really should be four on. One for power, ethernet(or usb,DSL, and internet.

And i agree with you that there should be some way that Verzion neeeds to give you what you pay for. And of course Verizon will never admit that its a problem on their end.

When i put in my video editing computer and new laptops they definatly wont have DSL instead they will have Comcast broadband internet and even with the wireless routers it will still b faster than DSL.

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Verizon is just to slow for me
by ChaoticChris / March 21, 2008 12:14 PM PDT

Same here..i also have the same problem.
every since they connect me to the internet i just simply notice that my internet speed isn't going at the speed that im paying for (3mbps)

i called tech support but they all just seem hopeless..they even hang up on me!

the last time i called they told me that they fixed the problem..then i went to check if they actually did but i just noticed a little increase in speed..i was still not happy.

i usually play games in my computer..sometimes in the morning my speed/ping seems fine and im not lagging at all..but in a couple of minutes my ping goes up to 1023! and i start to lag and lose connectivity.

im really upset why my connection is going slower than it was when i had also thinking about switching to cable again or switching to those satellite services.

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Slow Verizon DSL connection speed
by vnspy007 / March 13, 2006 8:37 AM PST

I too was very happy with Verizon for the last 18 months. That was till I noticed a significant slow down recently from my 3mps down to 400k today. I have talked to two different level 3 techs and a supervisor, they told me it was my computer, ya right.

The first tech told me to check for spyware, I run Webroot program faithfully. Then he told me that it was because of my updating the latest Microsoft security patches, I uninstalled them to see if it made a difference, nope. Then it was because I was running Zone Alarm, disabled it still no change.
Verizon says there is no problem on their side. They want to send a technician out to test my home. It seems that others are having the same run around. If I run their speedtest in the early morning hours I get the 3mps that they advertise. I live in Saline, Michigan.

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Different results on different speed tests
by The Rabbut / May 17, 2006 8:35 AM PDT

I am paying for 1500kps Verizon DSL. When I check my throughput speed, I get different results based on which site I am using to test it.

Is there any particular site which is considered more "accurate"? (In the same way that Verizon's own speed test is considered inaccurate).

On Speakeasy, using a close location, I get close to 1.5MB/s (DL).

On CNET's speed test ( I only get 679k/s

SBC's Yahoo test site gives me 1.5M/s

Numion: 1.35M/s

What gives?

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I too am getting very slow service and getting worse
by rengleh / October 26, 2006 10:38 AM PDT

My DSL has been completely down twice this week and when it does come back it is dial-up slow. I've called tech support twice and spent 2hrs with them last night. They tried to convince me that it was my computer also. Last night it was so slow that infospeed wouldn't finish calculating.
I tried infospeed again this morning at 4:00a.m. and was connecting at 56K, 64K, 64K 128K then back to 64K. So it wasn't my computer. I wrote them a note with these speeds. Tonight at 5:00 I did infospeed again and I'm up to a max of 690K and a low of about 430K. I am paying for a 1.5MB connection. At less than 50% I'm thinking seriously about going to fiber. Could my problem be with a bad Modem? I have filters on both land line phones. The Modem is a Fujitsu speedport.

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Holy crap! This isn't just my problem
by syny74 / November 7, 2006 9:50 AM PST

I have the exact same problem and the same result. I subscribe at the 3mbps level, but am getting speeds about 256 kbps. Verizon says the line is good, speeds are 3.3mbps to my modem. One guy told me that my modem was probably broken. I got a new modem. No change. I've been on with their tech support many times, and all of them claim it's a problem with my computer. I think this is a load of crap. Verizon sucks.

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3.0/768 Verizon DSL running around 256 for me as well
by bilimi / November 7, 2006 11:13 AM PST

We set up our small office near 5th and 42nd in NYC last week. It connected fine, but it seemed sluggish. I used several broadband speed test sites and I was getting less then 300 kbps download consistently. Upload runs in the 600-700 range, so it looks like the problem is on the downstream side. I also noticed the latency is way too big. I was getting mid 100s and even one test as high as 262ms (using When I test my cable connection at home I get over 4mbps down and the latency is in the 50s and 60s.

Verizon tested the lines remotely and by sending a tech in person (when I wasn't there). The lines are showing up as absolutely fine. Even going into the Westell 6100 it says that it's connecting at 3mbps, but I'll be danged if I'm getting that coming out the other end. I convinced them to send me another modem and that didn't make any difference. I even had them dumb my service down artificially to 1.5mbps and it still had no effect. I get similar results connecting directly to the DSL modem or going through a Linksys router.

They're sending out another tech in a couple of days and I begged them to make sure they bring a laptop so they can plug directly into the modem and see the poor bandwidth on their own computer. The last tech they sent didn't have a laptop and explained that some do and some don't.

I think Verizon's got a big problem that they know about, but don't know how to solve. The poor techs are either being kept completely in the dark or they must have trouble looking themselves in the mirror. I'll let you know what happens after the next visit...

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It's so frustrating
by andyking802 / January 4, 2007 2:02 PM PST

I am on my second modem, have talked to three or four tech support people and a phone guy came to my house. They have told me to delete cookies and do something with firewalls, I forget, I don't know anything about computers. I think that I will go back to a non-DSL dial-up and see what happens, it can't be any worse. I'm very "thrifty" so hopefully high-speed cable internet will become cheaper soon.

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Frustrating It Is:
by islandporgy / January 4, 2007 3:10 PM PST
In reply to: It's so frustrating

Verizon will tell you anything to get you off their backs to Modem, Router, It will be taken care off,.
The only reason why I do not go to Cable Broadband is the amount off hits I see in ZoneAlarm. What I get in a month from Verizon DSL I get in an hour from Cable Broadband, and who knows how many gets through.
I have had Cable Broadband Speed was good to not so good at times, that is expected from Broadband.

I think this is a big issue with being a distance away from the main office, and how you are routed in their system. The closer you are to the main office the better service you get.
Mind is now from 560 Kbits/sec to 1.5 the best is 2.4 Kbits/sec.
I feel at times I am getting ripped off, and nothing much I can do about it.

Wendell H

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Holy crap! This isn't just my problem
by bsull / January 18, 2007 2:42 AM PST

I am a DSL tech for a Large DSL Telco. I've seen variable speeds like that when there are line problems and the DSLAM or RT is trying to stablize the signal. The line tests to the untrained eye would look good but thats only because the DSLAM/RT has lowerred the line speed. get someone to dispatch a tech. I know it is a pain getting Verizon to dispatch anyone but thats probably what needs to be done.

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Same here
by jkmay01 / February 2, 2007 3:48 AM PST

I live in manhattan, and i have noticed dramatic drops in my broadband connection. I too have asked for the 3MB package, tech support ran a test on my line and said the samething that i am getting the speed i have requested, but when i test i am getting ranges from 512mb to 768mb consistanly. But at times i do get my 3mb? i have a router and have done all the things listed by others!!! but The bandwidth spikes are killing me!!! Online gaming as little tolerance for such a drop to have a smooth game session.!!! they have mentioned to me about purchasing a newer modem 5100 or something close for $36 and along with paying $1 a month for full warranty coverage. I havent had this problem before with my DSL but as of late i have been on the phone with them a lot also!!! Any new info about this?

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Yeah you're not the only one shocked.........
by the_bean / April 19, 2007 11:43 AM PDT

I live in Keysville, VA but I show up on the network map as virginia beach - 2 hours away. The ATM is right across the street where the dsl signal gets off the phone line. I usually get the full 3360kbps but now am only downloading at 1600kbps even though my dsl router says i'm still connected at 3360. i called verizon and told them the speed i get from their ppp server is NOT the throughput speed I get to a level 3 network. Like dude said at the top....they blamed everything but themselves. I install networks for US cellular therefore I'm informed when it comes to networks. I knew not to tell them I had 3 routers on my end (2 with nat turned off) and my modem in bridge mode serving 3 public ip's. I knew they would tell me for sure its my problem so i told them i was directly connected behind the modem. I was really shocked that they still wouldn't listen and with the added fact that 4 other people in my area (for real) are having the same problems - just slower speeds. Maybe because they're farther away from the ATM they will trigger an escalation in my ticket..........I'll show you where to stick that ticket!

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I know the feeling well.................
by fledd / December 9, 2006 5:26 AM PST

I know the feeling of slow DSL. I too have Verizon DSL service that at one time was 3Mb speed and is now approximately 330Kbits. The service is in the Hershey, Pa. area. I've talked to Verizon help for hours but they were, mostly, unhelpful. They kept alluding to the errant probability that my PC was at fault. Typical rhetoric. I even had two techs at my home to test the lines. The techs told me that all was well. Yeah....right. In an effort to improve my service....I bought a new Westell modem...model 6100...I had a Westell 2200. Guess improvement.

I don't know what's going on with Verizon lately....but....they really do have problems and, apparently, they don't know how to fix them. Looks like I'll have to get Cable if I want fast service.

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Received a new modem from Vrizon, installtion CD is an issue
by Strad / January 5, 2006 1:36 AM PST

Verizon sent me a brand new modem, Westell 6100, in order to accomodate my DSL speed issue. However this time, the device came with an installtion CD. I am nervous about this software. Previously, Verizon Tech Support already made me download their software online. I read about this Verizon/Yahoo stuff here in this forum that Verizon not only over-ride one's home page, but also change the settings in the registries. Right now, my IE upper right corner, the Microsoft banner has been taken over by a V banner, regardless I tried to clean out my previous online installation. Therefore when this new modem came with a CD, it made me decide rather not to use the new device. I am currently still using the Westell 2200, which is pulg-and-play, does not require any installation.

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Verizon CD
by PudgyOne / March 10, 2006 7:59 PM PST

I installed the Verizon CD(self install kit) and have only one minor issue with it. The Verizon Help and Support in the task manager is always (not responding).

I do NOT use Internet Explorer with it. I use Mozilla Firefox. It can be downloaded at

I have scanned the computer for spyware and do NOT have any coming from the CD.

I also have paid for the up to 768kb/s and I connect somewhere above that number. If I test it again and again, I always get a lower result. I do NOT leave the modem turned on. Maybe that's why I get a better result. It resets itself.


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VZ with DSL is DOA
by steve07758 / January 9, 2006 4:52 AM PST

I haven't had speed issues with VZ DSL(running slower than you) but for nearly four weeks the yahoos at Yahoo (they are really VZ employees at a "Yahoo desk")have been unable to get their server to recognize my computer for email purposes.

I've actually changed email sevices.

"We take this issue seriously" "We value your businees" "is there anything else I can do for you today" (YES - solve my problem!)

All scripted responses with no accountability.

Sad to see all the old Bell companies continue to spiral into oblivion.

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Verizon DSL has reached desired speed this weekend!!
by Strad / January 9, 2006 6:35 AM PST
In reply to: VZ with DSL is DOA

I have been tracking with my issue by monitoring my Verizon DSL speed every day. Last weekend, from Friday the 6th to Monday the 9th, my DSL Speed seemed to be reached at a satisfying 3MB connection all time.

I sincerely hope others have DSL connection issues with Verizon, have better connection now as well.


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by dave6726 / August 6, 2006 12:18 AM PDT

Even though your problem was solved... what had you done to fix the speed issue?

I'm also having the same problems with verizon dsl but unfotunately i'm not getting anywhere

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by MLP222 / March 17, 2006 2:33 PM PST

I have a few thoughts on this...
Wireless routers are really big trouble. they add convenience, but any microave oven, cell phone, TV, powerline, solar flare, or vaccume cleaner can interfere. Distance away from the router and walls, buildings can also slow you down. The weather can also affect it from the amount of radiation that gets through the clouds. I had a client who uses a wireless router and always loses connection when the cordless phone rings. I solved that by changing the channel on the router, but wont solve interference from the rest of the world and space.

I have a wired router and never had any problems, always get full speed to my network and to the internet.

Next issue is your DSL. I remember in 1999, everyone telling me that DSL is the best because it wont lose speed when tons of people use it in the same area like analog cable. well now everyone that has DSL uses it at the same times, and guess what, it slows down. I have digital cable from Optimum Online and I almost never have slowdowns. This is the best connection I ever had, better than anything any company I worked for ever had as well.

The Verizon speed test itself is a joke. I am sure that maybe it works fine for slower connections, but I am on 15Mb cable with 2Mb upload at the same price your paying for Verizon DSL. On real speed tests from I concistently get 13Mb to 15Mb on the download and 1.5Mb to 2Mb on the upload. On the verizon speed test, I get 250000KBits 31250KBytes which is way beyond the ability of any available consumer internet service. thats 250Mbs per second if that would be true. Damn that would be beyond my 100Mb limit on my router for that sake. I think this proves the verizon speed test to be buggy for true high speed broadband, which makes me think that it may be buggy for low speed broadband too. I would use tests from other companies and other servers instead of this one.

On my Optonline Cable, I have been able to burst download up to 3.75 Megabytes per second (30Mb's). I got that speed from major companies like Microsoft updates and some game demo downloads. Do you know what it feels like to download an entire 1MB file in less than 1 second? it is insane! I didnt try downloading music yet but that should be fast too.

The 2Mb upload is awesome for online gaming when you use voice chat during the game. this way you play, have awesome voice quality and no lag.

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Re: Verizon Slowspeed
by sharingansasuke / April 17, 2006 2:18 PM PDT

I was consistantly doing 2000 kps download speeds until the other day. Their online chat help is ridiculous - they just go through the motions probably reading their script. I am down to 200 kps at times now.

They have no answer.

My answer is if I am getting slow speed for the premium price - they can stick it!!

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Try scanning
by PudgyOne / April 19, 2006 12:17 PM PDT
In reply to: Re: Verizon Slowspeed

Try scanning for spyware. I use the cheaper Verizon DSL and I always connect at 650 - 768

This information will help you.

As for all people you should have good virus protection. AVG FREE or AVAST are great virus programs

I use Zone Alarm for my firewall.

Also you need to have measures to stop spyware from getting into your computer. You can get C W Shredder to help remove some and you can also use SPYBOT SEARCH & DESTROY. Another good spyware remover is AD AWARE and one that stops spyware from getting into your computer is SPYWARE BLASTER. Then when all else fails you can get HIJACKTHIS.

If you use all these tools it will not elminate spyware from getting into your computer, but it will help. Some spyware gets into your computer using the Macromedia Flash player. If you feel that you still might have spyware in your computer, then you can go to TREND MICRO to do another online scan.

Hope this helps


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