I don't know Word VBA at all so whatever I suggest will mean you need to do your own research on it. You've got some learning to do, Happy

That said, I think I can give you some pointers.

1] It looks like you used CTRL F5 to call up Edit > Find. What about using the Replace and Replace All features of Find? (Sorry, I don't have Word 2007 so I can't be sure if the Find menu is the same as in older versions).

2] If that doesn't work, then you will need to delve into the VBA code itself and insert some sort of For/Next loop to work down the document. You may need an error trap within the For/Next loop to be able to exit the loop when no further image cells are found.

It's an interesting project and I wish you luck.

Hopefully others here with Word 2007 VBA knowledge will be able to give you more specific guidance.