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I can answer a few questions. Your mic will deliver stereo to the camera if its a stereo mic. Most good mics are not stereo. There is no point to a stereo lavalier mic. Decent lavalier and shotgun mics use an XLR connection. Cheap cameras cannot accomodate these mics. XLR mics usually require something called phantom power to operate. Some get this power from a built-in battery while others get it from whatever the mic is plugged in to. Sony stuff is frequently proprietary, and is intended to work only with Sony stuff. That doesn't mean phantom power, but a proprietary Sony power design. That's probably what you read about.

You should be able to monitor with the AV out jack, but you need to confirm that it is live when the camera is recording. You need a cable with an AV plug on it. The cable will also have three output connectors. Use the two audio connectors on the cable with the appropriate adaptors to attach the headphone.