Microsoft has the NETWORK NEIGHBORHOOD (NN) programmed so that machines with shares can take from 45 minutes to weeks to be discovered on a network. There are ways to speed this along, but the answer to the question is yes. But I wanted to share that the NN does not respond to machines dropping off and coming onto the network with any timeliness.

One of many articles about this is at It reads:
"In a multi-segment WAN environment, the maximum amount of time it should take for all clients within the domain to see the new computer is 48 minutes (12 + 12 + 12 + 12). On a network on which broadcasts and network usage are well within safe parameters, this period should average approximately one-half as long (24 minutes).

Removing computers from the browse list may take more time. To allow for lost datagram frames, the master browser does not remove a server from its list until 3 announcement periods have passed. If the server is not shut down gracefully or if network connectivity is lost, the server can remain in the master browser's list for up to 36 minutes."

Let me be blunt is that article is optimistic and I've seen machines that went offline stick around in the NN for days. Also, I've seen new machines not show up until we manually refresh the view or search for the machine.

Hope this helps.