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Using PC svideo out to TV set?

Hi there. I'm attempting to run the svideo out on my Nvidia geforce 6200 to my TV set. My machine is running WinXP, and I'm fairly certain I have the most current drivers for my graphics card. When I start up the PC I get the HP and Windows splash screens with no problem. But once Windows loads I get a dark screen with white distortion. Can't tell if anything has loaded in the background or not. I've tried every possible monitor config I can find in the settings it's gotten me nowhere. I'm okay with general PC issues, but graphics cards are a bit out of my realm. If anyone has any ideas I'd sure appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance!

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Reporting: Using PC svideo out to TV set?
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By the way...

My TV is obviously detected by the graphics card and shows up in the options and settings area (I can see it by running in dual monitor mode using a PC monitor along with the TV). I just can't seem to get a picture once Windows has loaded. My TV (if it makes a difference) is not a flat panel or LCD. Just an old-school set (about 6 years old) with composite and svideo inputs.

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Might be the TV

The graphics card that you are using may not be compatible with your TV, since it is a standard-resolution TV (I assume it is a CRT TV). The fact that you can see a picture when you use a PC monitor means that your TV is not designed for PC hookup. The svideo input on the TV is probably meant to be used with a VCR or a cable box, not a PC.

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I guess I assumed that an svideo signal was an svideo signal. That is - it didn't occur to me that the tv would care where it was coming from, as long as the resolution, refresh rate and other settings were correct on the pc. Is it not strange then that I can see the system splash screens when I log on? I'm no expert, but it seems to me that if the tv were not able to accept the signal from the pc I wouldn't be able to see anything at all. As it is the screen only gets fuzzy after Windows is loaded. Everything before the shows up fine. The tv is a crt, by the way (I'm never sure which term to use with this older equipment). It's about 6 or 7 years old.

Thanks for the reply Gene8!

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Try using both the function key with F5 key this switches through each different display mode.
Right click on the desktop and you may see Graphics properties as a screen menu options.
If you find this you will be able to change the properties of each display device.
Make sure your TV device is not on NTSC but instead on PAL if your are in Australia.
If you are in USA you need NTSC.
The refresh rate may be different if USA it might need 60 Hz where as in OZ its 50hz.

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Not sure I follow you...

Function key with f5? Do you mean Cntrl+F5? I've actually tried changing display modes in the settings area, and haven't gotten anywhere. The right click menu on the desktop gives me the standard Windows display properties options, along with the NVidia options menu, and NView properties. I've been all over each of them. I'm set to NTSC (for USA), @ 60Hz refresh rate. I have noticed that only one of the monitors can be set above 1024x768 resolution, and it's always the pc monitor. So maybe I do need a different driver. I installed a new driver about 8 months ago for use with a wide screen monitor (1440x900), but maybe there's another one out there for this application. Then again - if the resolution were off I would still get a picture, right? Just not the proper dimensions?

Thanks for the reply duckster2. I haven't had a chance to play with it since before the weekend (Halloween and all). But I'll post if I discover anything new. Much appreciated!

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NVidia TV Set-Up Wizard

I have an NVidia card too. I run my PC out to my CRT TV by Svideo. Bring up your NVidia control panel, look for the television set up wizard, chose that and let it run all the way through. I also have to choose "clone" in the multiple display settings. If you are running out to a 4x3 TV, change your resolution to 1024 x 768.If I right click on a video file, I get an option to play the file either on my TV or Monitor. I have to choose TV.

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I've literally been all over the NVidia settings, run the TV setup wizard, and done everything short of sacrificing a small animal to this thing. No dice. I think I may just break down and buy a converter box just to save myself any further headaches (and get my den put back together)!

Sometimes you have to know when to fold 'em. Happy

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a few more things to try

Just a thought, but try booting in safe mode with the default low resolution.

If that works, try setting the resolution all the way down to 640 x 480. NTSC only has 480 horizontal lines of resolution (well, 525, but only ~480 are visible). I would think that your video card would be able to send two different resolutions, one to the Svideo and one the computer monitor output, but just in case, try the lowest resolution.

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