Using MS XP disc On Dell machine (Not OEM disc)

Dell Dimension 4600i
BIOS ver;A12
IBM 10.4gb hdd (ata/ide)
Single partition (ext3) OS linux Fedora LXDE spin
Status: Running

Generic PC (Elderly)
Phoenix Bios
WD400 40gb hdd (EIDE)
Single Partition (NTFS) os XP pro Ver:2002 SP3
Status: Running

Need to reconfigure so Generic Box is running 10gb hdd with fedora and dell box is
running 40gb hdd with windows and associated installed apps and data

Swap Drives

Generic Box boots Fedora (Some video drvr file need to be installed manually No
longer supplied with Fedora 17)
Runs fine "out of the box"

Dell box attempts to boot MS os on c:
Flashes BSOD (assume BSOD 7b, too fast to read) loops to restart, BSOD, restart, etc
Not unexpected as installed os is using installed drivers for hdware on original Generic box

Create bootable USB fdd using BartPE build from MS XP (sp3) install cd
Boot Dell box from USB to run "Repair" on C:

Note this is not OEM (Dell) cd. Dell box obtained with linux OS and no XP anything available so built from my own MS XP install disk used to install OS on Generic Box

Bios recognizes USB and starts boot
Inspecting Hardware
Starting BartPE
Window "Splash" appears with "loading bar" animated
BSOD 7b 0xf7cb0528, 0x00000034, 0x00000000, 0x00000000

Gnash Teeth and Curse
Assume Dell bios not playing well with XP disc other than its own proprietary xp
Search web for similar issue, workaround, kludge, etc
Implement and try with results as above
Gnash Teeth and Curse
(repeat above 3 items in loop for 2 days)

Ask Here For Help

This situation is making me nuts! Why can't we all just get along? Assume the problem is conflict between dell box and MS Install vs Dell proprietary Most discussions of this are just way beyond my comprehension level Looks to me that there are some ini files somewhere that differ between Dell and MS versions Tried Replacing NTLDR (BartPE) version with NTLR from friends box (Dell running xp sp3) no fix.
Not a do or die situation, just don't like being told I cant do something this simple. Got images of the current MS os backed on a removable drive so while I would prefer not to brick the drive I am not worried bout loosing data. Really the only issue is getting a MS install disc to load on a Dell box... ***?

Thanks for the chance to vent and will look forward to comments, logic faults, questions etc.

(time to put a dent in the rum supply)


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Reporting: Using MS XP disc On Dell machine (Not OEM disc)
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So let me make sure

So let me make sure I'm understanding what you're trying to do, because it looks like you're trying to take a drive from an old computer, put it into a different computer, and then that's (predictably) not working. Then you tried fixing things with a BartPE setup, which isn't working either.

If that's the case, then since you didn't clear out all the old drivers for the old machine, you are going to get a BSOD every time. Probably the easiest thing to do would be to reinstall XP, assuming you can find XP drivers for the Dell system. If not, then you're dead in the water anyway.

You also will need to make sure that your XP disc isn't an OEM disc. Just because it didn't come with a system doesn't necessarily mean it isn't an OEM disc. If it is OEM, it will fail to activate on the new system, and you're again dead in the water.

May as well check on those two things before you get too far along, because either one can torpedo the entire project.

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Correct, didn't expect the old drive to boot without modification. Figured easiest was to plug old drive in Dell box, run the XP setup disc and do a "Repair" (Reinstall drivers etc without messing with ihstalled apps files etc) so xp could reconfigure to its new enviroment.

Problem is that while the XP pro disk (used to set up the drive originally) is a retail disc and not oem, what I have is a straight copy disc copy not bootable. ie: no boot sector hence Dell box doesn't see it as viable OS . Have attempted to create bootable usb stick via various methods with varying results. Latest attempt yields results in above report. USB stick boots into XP splash then BSOD ??

Have read numerous posts about dell not liking windows dist files other than its own oem dist. (Unlike linux dist which run fine ?? )

Thats where I"m stuck at this point. Seems to be problem with bootloader so guess will try to config stick with some other options .


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I don't see where installing a retail version of XP should cause a problem. You still need to install the Dell drivers from the support website and finish the proper full install for that Dell model#. MS provides some generic drivers but you need the real Dell supplied ones for XP. That should get you to run well and also you need to update the bootable PC in order to finalize it at some XP-SP3 level. Last, I would also install the full amount of ram possible in order to run good in XP, that's at least 512mb, but 1gb is far better. But, it may install more ram, check for your model#. BUT, I also see the the XP version you're running is Barted, so you may have basterized XP slip-streamed for some XP PC that really isn't supplying everything, so take that a clue. NO, one NTLR won't work from one XP to another unless they're the same everything and even then there's thought.

As for Fedora and that PC, sorry no clue. I find some linux versions want the h/w they best support of get the latest Fedora version and take it from there. I also suggest that simply try Ubuntu "live CD" and see how that works, as a test.

tada -----Willy Happy

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Thanks for the input Willy

Seems I have failed to explain clearly... (Not the first time)

Reason for swapping drives/boxes is just as you suggested. "New" Dell box carrying much more resources (RAM Processor Speed , Video Card etc) than the old wheezer. Moving Fedora to the "Wheezer" as it doesn't have nearly the ovhd of XP and runs fine on a clunker. Also because it checks out its environment as it loads I have no trouble just sticking the drive in another box and "Bob's your Uncle" Problem lies in the fact that the XP disk I have at home is not bootable. If you stick it in a running XP system it will do whatever you want, but won't bootstrap.
Believe my problem is in the creation of a "Live USB" stick containing the essential XP files to get the Dell system to boot XP to a point I can do a "Repair" on the drive so I don't have to reinstall all my software and data. Have tried several tracks to create Live USB of xp but no go so far. Working on another as we speak. If I can get XP to boot to the point of a command prompt and a cd drive, I can run the repair.

Thanks for the input, if you have any suggestions other than the bartpe derivatives I would be glad to try that route.

Thanks again for your time and input

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Try and try again
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thanks Willy.....

Latest trial
Built a new "Live" usb
Boots ok on "old" box able to access evrything available (c:\ , cd drive, network, etc)
Move it all to the dell and it does the same thing, Boots to WinXP spash then BSOD

I Quit
If Redmont or Nebraska was closer I would be on my way with an ax handle
Guess its time to move to Linux totally. Been dragging my feet but this is the last straw

Thanks again for the input

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Re: install

Apart from the Dell specific drivers (which you should be able to get from Dell) it seems that all you need is an original XP install CD. Why blame Redmont (Microsoft) for the fact that you don't have one?


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Probable OEM issue

Not to blame Dell entirely, but they did have this working when it was new. trying to boot from the flash drive, is what I tried to explain is a PITA. Even though it starts to boot, it leaves the flash drive and then starts its own internal boot process and it sees non-Dell compliance or it can't see the flash drive again it gets lost. You offer you did have retail version of XP, then boot boot from CD drive. if your CD drive is kaput, borrow or swap one in order to get things going. I'm sure if you did it from the retail XP disc, it would work. unless I missed something. Also, on the flash drive side, make sure that "flash bootable" is enabled in bios. If no such option is present, you now know probable cause of your full boot issue, the bios is not ready for this. Also, I find quite helpful that the bios be at its latest update, check what yours is and compare to update available.

Understand , OEM supplied mtrbd. are custom to their needs. They're not fully open to all options or selectable as such. Similar Intel mtrbds. even though supplying them, on a same make, differs from Intel retail release and OEM release.

tada -----Willy

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