"Search IGOR Mailing List

A searchable archive of messages from the IGOR Mailing List where our users (usually) discuss many different aspects of using IGOR Pro and other WaveMetrics products. This is also a good place to get the latest news from WaveMetrics. See the mailing list page for details about subscribing or sending messages to the list.
Other Support Resources
IGOR Tech Notes

Discuss in detail a number of advanced or specialized aspects of using IGOR Pro. The latest, up-to-date Notes are installed with IGOR Pro. All Tech Notes, including obsolete ones, can be obtained via FTP.
WaveMetrics Procedures

A collection IGOR Pro code utilities that you may find useful in your work. These are a good source of IGOR programming examples. See your "WM Procedures Index" help file for details.
IGOR User Contributions

A number of our IGOR Pro users have made available various utilities to the IGOR community. You can find out more at our IGOR Contributions page.
IGOR FTP Resources

Our IGOR FTP site and mirrors contain many different resources you may find useful for programming and using IGOR Pro."

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