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Using BOLD Fonts in Internet Explorer

XP Pro. With the new forum setup not allowing quotations,I think I'd like to bold quotes. I've checked Tools>Internet Options>Fonts>colors, but is there an easier way? Is there a toolbar I can add w/in IE or something easy? TIA.


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Reporting: Using BOLD Fonts in Internet Explorer
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<UL> You must actually enter the HTML code within the information you're <b>adding</b> to the forum -- which would look like this:

&ltb>(your information)</b>

</UL><MARQUEE width=300 BGCOLOR=white WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=35 DIRECTION=left><FONT SIZE=+0 COLOR=009900><b>Good luck,</b></MARQUEE></FONT>


Pardon ma ACKsent, ah'm frum Austin, Tex_As, USA

<FONT SIZE=1 COLOR=CC0099> ....its been my policy to view the Internet not as an 'information highway,' but as an electronic asylum filled with babbling loonies.</FONT>

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Crazy d.. forum software

&ltb>(your information)</b>

If that doesn't work, the beginning bolding is started the left arrow, a 'b', and then the right arrows. The ending for bold being with a left arrow, a slash, a 'b', followed by the right arrow.

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Thanks, Bill- will give it a try...(THIS IS A TEST)

<b>Thank you, Bill!</b>

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NT:Cool, Bill. Thnx! Easier than the other way!


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NT - Great. Happy computing.


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&ltb>(your information)</b>

& + lt = <
& + gt = >

so to make it acceptable I would enter w/o a '+':

<b>&+ltb&+gt(your information)&+lt/b&+gt</b>

and it would displayed:

<b>&ltb>(your information)</b></b>


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Here we go again...

Crazy HTML rules..... Sad

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Re:Here we go again... Ummmm...


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Brandon, I just tried...

to recreate CursorCowboy Bill's posted to see if it work on mine:

&+ltb&+gt(your information)&+lt/b&+gt <--- (w/o a '+')

On the 'preview message', it looks OK but when I clicked on 'post it', it will displayed:

&ltb>(your information)</b> <--- the less than+slash+b+greater than disappeared) Sad Angry Shocked Cry

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Re:Frank, I just tried...

'<b>Exactly as Bill described, and it works for me. Are you putting a space between the less than sign and the 'b' at the end? Just a WAG</b>

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Brandon, thats an html 4

strict compliance thing about the space. Should not matter, but with these forums, who knows Happy
I tried to send some simpler information, but seems the forum even converts character codes, unless you break em up like Bill did.

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No Brandon,

I can do like this to make it 'bold' as you did

<b>This line should be in 'bold'</b>

but to show you how to enter it (in this software forums) when I entered

&+lt+b+&+gtThis line should be in 'bold'&+lt+slash+b+&+gt (without a '+') I got the &+lt+slash+b+&+gt disappeared as:

&ltb&gtThis line should be in 'bold'</b> <--- (the &+lt+slash+b+&+gt won't show)


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Maybe this will work.
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Re:Maybe this will work. (This is a test)

&quotI like learning new things. Thanks, Ray"

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Cool, Ray! Now we can use quotations! And I learned another new thing!

&quotampersand then 'quot', enter text, ampersand, then 'quot' again. Now I have to rememer this."

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Create a gif file

and point to it. Really 'kewl' idea!!!!!!! Happy

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