This is fairly easy to do, BUT there is a safety factor you need to consider. If you look to, you can see my background is embedded electronics, various software and automatic test equipment (ATE.)

In the ATE realm we would add sensors and controls to PCs and then software to do the control function. The only issue can be the cost involved. Some have zero budget and that's a non-starter. Tossing a PC at it is best done not as the central controller but as a Super-GUI frontend to the embedded controller (don't worry, there are many) which allows you to adjust the running parameters and readout the temperatures, switch states and more.

If you want, go to doubledigit and there's some pictures and contact info.

Example embedded PC -
Example temperature measuring for the PC -
Example PC104 relay board -

There is a lot of stuff to do this with. What you need are people that have done such or similar before.