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OK guys I've been recently considering selling my xbone and building another gaming PC. My question here is, why is the used parts market so bad? I mean I can go online to newegg & buy a gtx 970 for $310 and get a free code for a new game or head on over to eBay & get the same card used for $280 W/ no code and it's been used for God knows how long and has been possibly used quite intensively. Same deal with CPU's I was looking for an i5 4690k. Neweggs price $239 ebays used price $200ish. Even used hard drives are only a couple bucks of (which is literally the last thing I'd want to buy used!) so out of curiousity why are the discounts on used items so negligible to new item prices?

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I see the same thing on used cars.

It's supply and demand. If folk would only pay so much and there is plenty of stock, the price falls. If folk are willing to pay this much and the supply is fair the price rises.

And if there are few things left and there is demand, the price soars.

I don't know if they teach the old economics today called "Supply and demand."

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Well that's the problem.

If it were open box returns sure a 10% loss on the total value makes perfect sense. But we are talking used cards! It would be like buying a car with 30k+ miles on it for 10% under sticker price....which makes no sense what so ever!

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Since it's ebay you could make an offer.

And the awful all parts are used. There has to be some testing on new parts to assure they work so they are all used to some degree.

There are cars that do keep their value and if they don't they usually need repair, tires and such.

A video card for cheap may need repairs like fans, heatsink compound so the next owner would know how to deal with that like the cheap buyer did.

That said, there are good cards that don't run so much and can game. But it's a big world so I don't post links that often.

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But I challenge you to find a car that maintains its value within a 10% margin of its MSRP that isn't fresh off the lot, rare or classified as a classic car. Realistically comparing cars to PC parts isn't the best measure being that they are not of the same industry. Almost any electronic loses at least 25% when sold used (some examples: iPad Air 2 MSRP for wifi 4g model 16gb $630 - sells for used $350ish, PS4 $400 new sell used for $300) even pre built computers follow this trend. The only thing I really see (electronic wise) breaking this trend is used PC parts. Again I have no problem going with new versions. The main reason I was even looking for used is to see if I could save a couple bucks and allocate that towards a better water cooling setup. It just seems odd to me that someone would gamble on someone else's used parts simply to save $20-$30.

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I'm unsure why you want to debate market forces.

Once in a while you find someone demanding lower prices and well, we did get them.

Look at laptop prices that fell like a rock and crushed the used market. Folk selling laptops often scream they can't get 1/2 the new price because the prices fell.

Here you are asking for current gen cards to be that much lower. To go cheap you have to shop for prior gen cards.

-> And if you want to debate supply and demand, well, that's your choice. Let's see if anyone will pick that up where I dropped it. <-

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Current gen consoles abide the afore mentioned rule. Even current gen tablets, current gen laptops and pre builts, cars, guns to some degree follow that prospect. And debating supply and demand I am not....I've clearly stated why these don't match what current market trends are doing in similar industries. Further more I don't really see where you get the idea that I'm looking for these cards to be cheaper......I have stated twice now that I don't mind paying new price....also I don't really get why you keep blaming supply and demand. Do you fully understand supply and demand? You do realize for something to be abnormally (IE go against industry trends) priced either in a positive or negative amount the market must either be baren or flooded. Obviously people are willing to pay what is being paid thus the reason the current cost of the used cards but there is nothing to cause these PC parts to stray from what pretty much every item in the same industry loses in value.

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You did continue

And want this market to follow other markets which they do. Supply, demand, and market forces set the price. If folk didn't want these things, the price falls.

You want these parts to something disconnect from the rest of the market?

The card you want is nichey, and not fungible. So it is doing exactly what it should do. If it was fungible, then I'd agree but it is not.

-> OK, what was your question?

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In circles!

How is the 970 not fungible? Nvidia makes many other cards in addition AMD also make comparable cards. I am not sure how the 970 is niche? They've sold over 1 million units between the GTX 970 & 980 and that was in January. Again I must reference consoles here if graphics cards are subject to other than normal market behavior because of the exclusivity in manufactures then consoles should also reflect this trend. But either way we are arguing in circles here.

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It's simply not fungible.

If you wanted it to be so, shop for models not so sought after.

I see you don't understand market forces so while I don't mind kicking it around a little, it's not arguing at all. If you want to argue, do that with the seller for better price.
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Phone autoposted (continued)

In addition if there was say a bottleneck in supply to the point where only a few i5 4690k's or GTX 970's were available for purchase I could understand paying near new prices but there is no such bottleneck. Generally speaking most used electronics lose 25% of the total value but not PC parts for some strange reason. Honestly I don't mind buying new this just struck me as strange!

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Let's look at this about the CPU. Maybe you didn't know this

"Our tests demonstrate fairly little difference between a $225 LGA 1155 Core i5-2500K and a $1000 LGA 2011 Core i7-3960X, even when three-way graphics card configurations are involved. It turns out that memory bandwidth and PCIe throughput don't hold back the performance of existing Sandy Bridge-based machines. ",3106-4.html

The i5 you listed is very current gen. Now that you know you can drive 3 GPUs with the rather dated i5-2500K (they didn't overclock it either) you could really pocket some savings by pulling back to that generation.

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Not a bad idea

Not a bad idea, that would afford me some extra cash for better water setup! Thanks for the idea! If memory serves me these can be overclocked quite a bit!

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Supply and Delusion

Actually, S&D is only a factor in used hardware. I have been a purchaser on ebay
since it was created and have found some folks will pay much more for an item than it is valued; simply for no reason what so ever! Go figure. Maybe they live where the item is not
available? Maybe they just have to win at their own loss? happens everyday.
I sometimes find items locally and at online stores much cheaper than ebay and have to laugh at the lazy people who won't take the time to do a simple search. I just bought a garage door opener selling everyday on ebay for $350.00 + shipping. I found one after a simple search for $298.00 w/free ship. So, human nature is a factor in many purchases.
Some folks shopping at just assume the products are maximum discounted because the site is a discount site. I stopped shopping exclusively at discount sites "because" they have been taking advantage of the fact many of their "poorly informed" customers think they are naturally getting the lowest price.
Also, the time of year is another factor. When new models come out; a few months later the prices of the last models will drop. Also, I find January through march offers better discounts on new as well as used hardware. You must give it time and be a little patient!
It's like fishing. You cast your line in the water and no fish jumps on the hook; you go home??? No! Ya' gotta take a little time to find what may come along.
And the best technique? Shop, shop, shop!!!

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