It's a diode (sorry if we have to get back to basics here.) So the diode starts to pass current at under 0.7 Volts and at 1.4V it's going to be pretty maxed out and maybe over spec in Amperes. We'll need a data sheet on the LED to knwo.

The fact you have them in parallel is a problem so let's try to figure out the max amperage from your 33 ohm ballast resistor. I'll start with the premise that 1.4V is on the LED and the remaining 3.6V is on the 33 ohm. So that would give us .11 Amperes so that's not going to trip the warning.

My bet is the inrush current is dogging you. That is the rise in current is too fast and trips the alarm. Now if this was a charger it may not matter but I take it you are trying this on a PC. and other articles has you adding more parts.