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USB - is there such a thing as

a PCI card that has an area on the card for a PIN connector rather than just a couple of external USB connectors?

I have a motherboard that I'm replacing that has two USB connectors (pins type) on the original board (USB1 and set goes to the two front USB ports as the two on-board are on the back of the computer.....and the second set of pins goes to the digital camera memory card device that came with the computer)

The replacement board (same motherboard maker and model number but a new revision number) has eliminated one of the USB sets of pins, so I cannot hook up the camera memory card device (which has wires going to a flat black piece of plastic using only 5 of the nine pins that would be available).

If there is no such USB PCI card made, how do I splice the five wires to a regular USB plug so I can feed it through the back of the computer and plug it into one of the rear ports so she has access to the device again? There are only four wires involved even though it takes up five pins (one hole of the plug is empty but mounts to a pin anyhow). I know how to splice wires.....I just don't know if this is possible because I don't know the makeup of the wires in a USB connector (of which I have many and I don't care if I cut one up to do this if it will work).


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Problem solved

I looked more deeply into the case before pulling devices out of it in order to replace the motherboard and backtracked the wire coming from the back of the camera memory card device to the USB pins on the motherboard. It turns out that the other end of the wires is nothing more than a normal USB connector (small square end)....once I unplugged it, I plugged in a normal USB connector to it and it fits perfectly so I don't have to splice anything. I can use a normal two ended connector and just feed it through the case to the back USB port and plug it in.

It would still be nice to know if splicing would have been an option that would work though.....


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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but

I do lots of small electrical work and much of it needs to be "creative". This includes tracing, cutting and splicing to effect repairs of damaged components. If you don't have one already, get a simple DVM. It's a great continutity checker that helps trace which wire goes where. I'm sure you save small hardware and have an enormous collection of who knows what. You can make push on connectors from jumper blocks and saved remnants from front panel wiring. I am thinking cutting and splicing would be quite easy with USB 1.1 but USB 2 would require more attention to detail. You'd need to keep the unshielded wiring as short as possible , be very precise with any soldering and use shrink tubing on any joints. If faced with this again, I'd say to give it a try.

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USB card with pin connectors

FWIW, the "2 port" USB card I bought from CompUSA recently has 2 ports on the back and 2 pin connectors on the card. I actually bought this card instead of some other cards I looked at because of the two pin connectors. I'm hoping to connect the USB ports built into the computer case to those connectors instead of the USB 1.1 ports on the motherboard.

However, I haven't actually tried to use those connectors yet. The way my case is situated, I have to disconnect everything and move the case before I can get a good view of the interior and I just haven't taken the time to do that yet.

It's kind of interesting. The package says that it's a "2 port" card and the documentation makes no mention of the pin connectors on the card, but when I installed the card, something (the BIOS? I can't remember) showed the card using 4 IRQs, presumably one for each port. <shrug> I guess I'll find out if those connectors work when I finally get around to trying to use them.

Anyway, the point is that while most of the USB cards I looked at did not seem to have PIN connectors, some do (although I don't know for sure if the ones on this particular card work or not), so you may be able to find a card with PIN connectors if you need one, but you may have to look around a bit.


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That's great news and

if you find that the pin connectors work, I would appreciate your posting the mfr and model number of the card so I can order a few for myself. Thanks...


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