I too am lookin for a headset. Not quite sure what one to go for yet. But i wouldnt say to you that if you're intending on doing stuff like podcasting and gaming then i wouldnt go for a headset under 30 bucks (Australian). Ive seen a lot of them around which look really like they are mainly for conferencing... u dont want them!

i reckon for the stuff like wat ur gonna be doin u definately need one that says its got noise cancellation and prolly ones with good cushioned ear cup ones. (nothing worse than not being comfy wearing them for ours on end. personally im afraid i cant offer any opinions on any headsets for ya (soz) but im looking at a plantronics one at the minute. I think its called the "audio. 350". looks good. the 500 looks really similar and im not quite sure what the difference is. i think it comes with the software or watever.

anyways if u find anything good id appreciate it if ud let me know. Cheeers.