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USB C Multiport Hubs over heating

USB C Ports heat up quickly. What could be the cause? Is it the simultaneous use of all the ports?

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Reporting: USB C Multiport Hubs over heating
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There is normal heating

And you claim overheating. Normal heating is when it's warm and fully functional. You claim it's overheating and failing so back to the store to try another one that does not fail.

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More than normal heating

I suppose normal heating is acceptable. But the hub gets very hot, very quickly and wanted to know if the cause is at the consumer usage end before i send it back to the store back. Wanted to know if many have experienced it and possibly found a solution.

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does this multi port hub have it's own power supply?

If yes, does it get "very hot, very quickly" when it's not plugged into your computer?


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No own power suppy

It doesnt have its own power supply. It draws from the USB C port of the Mac book.

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I have to define what overheating is.

To be clear, overheating is when it heats up and fails.

Just being hot is not overheating unless we are talking about surface temperature. BEFORE I go on be aware I've been on product design for decades. So I know about acceptable surface temps on products. This temperature varies from device to device and for some things like a power brick you are allowed to reach about 50C surface temp since it's a part your user doesn't hold in their hand or rest their palm on.

The USB hub would be in the category of something that is not held for long so it would be acceptable for it to reach about 50C surface temp as long as it does not fail.

So is it just hot or is it failing?

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Very hot to the touch

Thanks R. Proffitt for following up.

The hub is attached to the Mac and gets very hot to the touch and i'm afraid that if left alone it may roast the insides of the mac as well. Any thing I am doing wrong? It has two USB 3.0 ports, a SD port, Mini SD port, and a USB-C power port.

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So it works, just hot?

Apple is quite good at protecting their USB ports. So what are you basing the damage on?

50C is considered an absolute maximum for consumer gear that you don't hold. Can you measure this?

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Simply sharing my concern

As a consumer with very little knowledge of technicalities, I am sharing my concern and wondering if it is handling that could be the cause and if others in this forum face the same issue. I am not sure if using the body thermometer could help in taking the accurate temperature. Happy

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You may have guessed.

I deal with design. I have an infared laser spot thermometer when I need to check.

But if you bought it at a store, pack it up and return it as "too hot."

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Easy way is to send back

Hi Proffitt, it is an easier solution to simply pack and send it back to the store. I would like to gain some understanding of the problem and probable solutions out there before i am forced to send it back to the store, ultimately.

I agree with you totally but just wanted to know if there were any from the community who faced a similar problem and how they dealt with it.

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WIthout me owning this one or accessing it.

I can't point the spot thermometer at it to see just how hot it is. It sounds like it's working so not overheating. But from a consumer viewpoint, it's not acceptable and you should ignore me since I'm writing from a technical and specification view.

If the product gives you pause, discomfort and makes you worry, the seller and maker has failed to ease your concerns.

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excessive heat

I've experienced the same issue with a certain USB C dock that got extremely hot, corrupted files when saving through it and experienced screen glitches afterward. Exchanged it for another one and it did the same thing. As a designer, I cannot afford to have files getting corrupted.

I managed to return them and get a full refund.

Then I managed to get a HyperDrive (Product's name is Hyper Drive) dock similar to Apple's HyperDrive. All the apple docks are sold out. This too is now getting hot but not AS hot as the previous two docks... I'm starting to think its actually the MacBook that's acting up?

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I have to disagree.

The ports are to spec and Apple is fanatical about those specs. The only way to make cheap is to be cheap. Don't let those that push low price tell you there isn't a compromise here.

Good you found a more comfortable unit, but if you get a chance to use Apple's own, try it.

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Hyper Drive

The HyperDrive Ultimate USB-C Hub is the actual one that Apple sells on their Website, which is what they recommend. Apple themselves do not sell or have available an Apple USB C dock on their website or instore. Please keep in mind that I'm in South Africa.

The unit is now getting extremely hot which when the charging cable is plugged in, which means I'll need to take the MacBook back to the iStore I purchased it from to get checked out. This MacBook is not even 3 weeks old yet.

My main concern is that the MacBook I bought is faulty. Will keep you updated. I've tried 3 docks now all with the same result...

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Nope. Just because Apple sells it on their site

Does not make it an Apple product. I disagree that the USB ports have an issue here. Docks and hubs are usually under pressure for price so they don't look at power conversion efficiency and therefore produce heat.

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Nope. Just because Apple sells it on their site

Ahoi, R Proffitt, i'm fully aware of this, but its reccommended to buy on their site which is what i meant. Dont know why Apple just dont make one that actually works and does not give any ****. These machines and accessories are hella expensive...and i honestly dont want to go back to PC...

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Try not to charge laptop via hub.

I noticed the same on my unit - not sure if I'm allowed to name the brand though.. I suspect the reason for your excessive heat is the fact that you also charge the laptop via the hub?

Try plugging the charger directly into the laptop on the other side's usb-c ports and see if you still get excessive heat.

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Try not to charge laptop via hub.

I dont charge the macbook via the hyperdrive at all.

Just last night i was watching a movie via an external HDD thru the hyperdrive, nothing lese plugged in. After about an hour the macbok froze at which point i needed to do a force restart. The hyper drive was hotter than usual, like MUCH hotter.

I'm at the point now of just going back to the store and demanding my money back or a replacment macbook.

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It seems to me

That this USB C hub WILL get hotter than a Powered one .
Your'e drawing all of the power from the Mac and creating heat.
A powered one does not get hot ( at least mine doesn't ).....

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end result

Well i've lodged my complaint as i'm sorry this is by the far the worst macbook i've had in a long, so if nothing gets done about my complaint i will simply go back into store and demand a new one or my money back...simple as that

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PRF38 - Did you take your MacBook back to apple?

Hi PRF38,
I am also in SA, did you take your MacBook and the HyperDrive back to the store?
If so what did they say?

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burned my nephew. also damaged multiple devices

I have the same issue. Ive tried new huns, cords, isb, etc. the objiect s get extremely hot within 3mins of computer being turned on. my 3yr old nephew burned his finger and i have experienced on several kccasions redness. the computer has damaged to the point of failire several devices including my iphone and ipads ports. sent into apple and they replaced logoc board but problem exactly same. i requested copies of the diagnostics rests run to determine issue and then the diagnostics inassimed run afterwads proving repair successful. apple stated all documenta destrpyed immediately. question please provide proof of repair and tests passed that are to apple’s standards. also recordkeeping laws require for liabilty purposes that these documents are kept. if these are apple’s standards and the continue to have sane issues and have actually harmed people and damaged prodicts then to prove effort was made documenta should be produced.

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Same issue with my Hyper Drive in April 2019

I've been reading through this thread trying to find someone that found the problem. I have a MacBook Pro and I'm using a Hyper Drive Model: HDUCS1 USB C Typer 5 in 1, I've also been experiencing over-heating. I put the Hyper Drive in to connect my printer. The printer kept reading offline so I restarted my MacBook. This didn't help, checked the Hyper Drive and it was ridiculously hot - all of this within less than 5min of being connected. It was so hot that I couldn't hold it in my hand.

My MacBook and Hyper Drive were both purchased direct from the Apple Store in South Africa just a few months ago (around Dec 2018, it's now April 2019). This Hyper Drive was recommended as the best for my MacBook. My printer works fine on my old Toshiba laptop with no issues.

I've reached out to Hyper Drive on their site, I hope it's not my MacBook that's the problem. Sad

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With a year plus since I looked at this.

This hyperdrive is just a subpar product from what you can find on google. Try using your laptop without it.

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I´ts hotter than my mac

no, I dont recomend you this hardware, it sucks and I want my money back, its hotter than my macbook, also the hdmi doesnt work, dont look for it in google, It just doesnt works, period

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I only have one port (my mouse) and it´s freaanking hot, don buy this ****, I want my money back 2019

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USB C port dead on MacBook Pro 2019

I bought a MacBook Pro 2019 this summer. I needed to plug a second screen with HDMI so I bought a HyperDrive (HyperDrive is the brand name, it is not the Apple's HUB). I noticed the excessive heat on the hub then observed problem when plugin also a logitech wireless usb mouse (loss of transmission). I thought it was defect on the Hub so I bought a new one (same brand, but a updated version). Same problems.

I finally tried a combination of a lenovo usb c hub and the hyperdrive one to see if two hubs would help to logictech mouse to be cooler, and so to transmit better...
I just killed one of the 4 usb c port of my brand new MacBook Pro.

I never tried any USB C Hub from Apple, it might solve the problem, but I have to say that I am really furious.

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Re: USB port dead

Claim Apple warranty for the dead port. And, to be on the sure side after that, try an Apple hub next time.

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