I have not seen a review of the Samsung S860.
It is seldom than any of the top reviewers will review a Samsung camera.

History - When Samsung first decided to get into the digital camera business they came out with a full line of cameras.
Lots of press and fanfare.
The reviewers jumped to review the new cameras and the reviews were all bad.
Samsung got out of the digital camera business in the USA for a short time.
Later, Samsung came out with a completely new line of cameras.
At first the reviewers would not review them.
Later there were some reviews and they showed that these new cameras were head and shoulders above the old line of cameras.
But they were not outstanding when compared to other popular makes of camera. They were average.
At that point the reviewers seemed to have stopped reviewing Samsung cameras.

The Canon A470 and A590IS produce very sharp photos.
Either would be a good choice.
The A590IS does have Image Stabilization, which makes it more desirable.
If you are on a tight budget, get the A470.
If not, get the A590IS.