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UPS Battery Replacement

I have an tripplite omnismart 1400 (5 batteries, 6v 12ah). I am trying to replace the batteries. I neglected writing down how they were installed prior to removal (BIG mistake!). Now I am trying to re-install them but it does not look right. It currently look like:
Black - to ups electronics
red - red
black - black
red - black
red - black
red - to ups electronics.

I do not think this is correct even though the wires all fit.

Any help would really be appreciated - thanks..............

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Reporting: UPS Battery Replacement
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Maybe you see their site or call them?

1111 W. 35th Street Chicago, IL 60609 USA
Customer Support: (773) 869-1234 ?

I had one of their UPS and when it came time to replace the batteries I found it cheaper to buy a new UPS because of the cost of batteries and S&H fees.

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tripplite battery replacement

I emailed tripplite and explained the problem. They emailed me back and told me that I would need to hire a journeyman electrician (really!). I have the new batteries (cost 48.00 - the 1400 is worth 350.00).

All I can say that I would not recommend ANYBODY buy a tripplite UPS as their technical isn't just bad, not even a joke - its non-existant! It would have been incredibly easy for them to simply supply the wiring diagram for daisy chaining the batteries - instead they want me to hire an electrician!

The rules for this are pretty simple, actually. To bump the voltage I should go + to + and - to -. To bump the amps I should got + to -, etc. My problem is that I ended up with mixed wires and I do not think that can be right, even though everything fits - hence my query. My concern is that if I do it wrong I will destroy the ups.

Thanks for the reply............

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Not sure what to say.

Given the reply you got from their tech support I agree with you.

See site ? ? for info on hooking batteries in series and parallel, I think you may have it backwards.

Triplite site says that your model uses ?" UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge, Model #: RBC53. This cartridge contains three 12V batteries. You said you have five 6V batteries. Which of these are the right batteries? I'm not sure what to say. Is your model older and nolonger listed?

Well as I said in the subject I'm not sure what to say. How about good luck. Maybe you can find someone with the same model and open it up and draw a diagram of how to wire in your batteries.

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tripplite battery replacement

Thanks for the reply.

I know about the specs for the unit. I did an internet search and found that the number of betteries, etc. is a moving target (even on the tripplite site). I bought this unit from Tripplite so I have to believe they sent it out right. An interesting thing is that there is room for 6 batteries but they only put 5 in and the space, for the 6th, is taken up with a piece of foam. The more I think about all the problems I am having, the lack of real response from tripplite and the fact that this unit seems to have any number of battery configurations simply reinforces my believe that this is just not a company a person wants to do business with. The unit, incidentally, has worked well for well over a year but given the current problems I would never do it again.

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You were right. I had it exactly wrong. I decided to go guts and hook everything in series. Nothing smoked, the voltages were correct (120v) and I will borrow an amp probe to make sure of the amps although without a load I am not sure it would be accurate (its been a while since I did electrical stuff (different from building computers)).

Again - thanks for the reply. If this is wrong I will post that later.

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