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Upgrading Memory Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RA

Dec 28, 2005 10:53AM PST


Has anyone upgraded memory on the Sony Vaio PCG-Z1RA? This model comes with 512Mbyte, but I wish to upgrade it to 1Gig. I'm reasonably certain that all I need to buy is 512Mbyte to upgrade to the full 1G (did a search on Kinston (see link below), but my real question that ask is how to take apart my laptop to install this memory.

I visited Sony's esupport site and found my model number, unfortunately the users manual does not download correctly (not for me anyway). The user's manual on the Sony site is not a pdf file (nor a text file or other type of ordinary document).

To see what I am talking about go to Sony?s site then click on the tab labeled "Manuals/Specs/Warranty" then click "VAIO user guide"

Clicking on this prompts a download of PCGZ1RA.chm (it's about 1Meg) after downloading and opening this file I get what looks like a Windows help dialog utility, but all information is missing as if there are bad links.

Anyway, if anyone has upgraded their laptop I?d appreciate any type of information as to how to take apart the laptop to access the memory slot used for upgrading (or adding) memory.

Many thanks!


Sony?s esupport site

Kinston memory (what I plan to buy is 512Mbytes of RAM)

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