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Upgrading Alienware Aurora R3

Dec 29, 2019 10:11PM PST

Hi guys

What do you think would be the best setup for upgrading my old Alienware?
Here’re the current specs:
MB: Z97MX-Gaming 5
i5 4690K @3.50 ghz
GeForce GTX 960 1GB

I’d like to get the machine ready for 4k display and VR for gaming.
I’m thinking of switching over to Ryzen 7 but I don’t know which motherboard to choose and whether it works with my setup.
Or should I just upgrade to i7 or i9?
Any tips would be much appreciated!

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Tell me more about your UHD 4K expectations.
Dec 29, 2019 10:17PM PST

It's pretty much expected to barely break 30 FPS at times with a single RTX 2080 so to fix that you use a pair of RTX 2080's. And that's a problem of power and heat.

The power is fixed with a new large PSU. But then when you slam in a pair of RTX 2080's your motherboard may not space them out.

Here's a video on the build for getting to 60 and up FPS at UHD 4K.

You'll want that motherboard or one like it with the right spacing.

The thing is that there's so little you use from the old Dell that no one would put this into the Dell case.

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If I were to do this.
Dec 29, 2019 10:20PM PST