Upgrade Macbook 2012 with West Digital HD

I have a 2012 macbook. Its original HD went down recently.

I'm trying to use a brand new 1 TB HD from West Digital. I can't install Lion (Sierra) OS from the internet (pen drive) on it. I've got "signature" or "can't download elements" errors at the end of the installation.

Any tips or suggestions to solve that?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Reporting: Upgrade Macbook 2012 with West Digital HD
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Clarification Request
A couple of queries

You say that you are trying to install Lion (Sierra) from the Internet.

Lion (10.7) and Sierra (10.12) are two totally different versions of the OS and are a long way apart.
Where, exactly, are you trying to download these things from, and which one is it that you are trying to install?


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Sierra and Lion


Tried Lion from the internet recovery. But it seems it can't resume downloading everything to

Sierra: I've got a bootable pen-drive from which I'm trying to install the Sierra. I suppose there is no internet connection for this one. Also, can't resume to install. It comes with the errors I commented above ...

Thanks ...

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I mean that I got macOS High Sierra USB installer drive from which I tried to install Sierra ...

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Is the Pen-Drive known to be a good one,

has it installed anything successfully on any other machine?
On which install are you getting the Signature error?
If you can find a download of Lion that does not have any of the Lion updates, try that.

The full install of an updated Lion is 3.75 on disk but unfortunately I do not have a way of making it available.


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Yes, sierra install

Yes. Pen drive installed sierra successfuly on another HD.

The signature error appear wjen trying to install sierra from the pen drive.

Lion with no updates? Which version do you mean?

Thanks a lot

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(NT) 10.7.0
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Until our Apple moderators show up.
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nop. did not work ...

Nop. Did not work.

Tried Lion internet recovery with a cable connected to internet and nop, did not work... same errors ...

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Tell Mrmacfixit.

My idea was to try that prior, just in case.

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In light of another recent problem,

that thought had occurred to me but the OP stated the use of a Pen drive so I bypassed it.

However, at this stage, anything is worth a try.


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Yes. Thanks.

More info about this bug.

When attempting recovering Lion from internet, the final message is:

"Can't download the additional components needed to install OS X"

This comes after many clock loops in the installing bar.
When one thinks it's almost done, like "About a minute remaning",
the bar turns back again and shows something like

"-2,147,483,648 hours and 38 minutes remaining"

Notice the minus sign in from of the big number. After, say, the 38 minutes,
it loops again after showing an alike remark.

Well ...

Thanks guys!

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I can find lots of posts around the internet with the same sort of problem but other than, "Wait", there does not seem to be any definitive answer to the problem.

You may want to contact Apple, it might not be free, and get their opinion


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the problem was the internal hdd cable!! it was corrupt and prevented resume the installation. I simply changed the cable and all went through... thanks

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