Updating my drivers, do I really need all of these?

Oct 28, 2016 12:04PM PDT

I have a Toshiba laptop (model PSK32U-01W00N)
I am loading Windows 10 onto a new SSD, replacing my hard drive with it, and using the hard drive as an external hard drive storage.
It was recommended, before installing the new SSD and booting the fresh windows 10 from it, that I should update my drivers. Toshiba help is REALLY CRAPPY and don't like answering questions without me paying them! I will be doing the updates myself but I just want to know which! Especially the few at the top that look like different versions of the same software. I got that far and that was where they stopped answering questions. Here is the list of drivers. Should I do an install on each of these, even the ones that look like duplicates?
Also, they advised me to use the windows 8.1 drivers because there are no windows 10 drivers (I've already updated to windows 10)

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Reporting: Updating my drivers, do I really need all of these?
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I don't think that's a good plan
Oct 28, 2016 12:23PM PDT

I would clone my SSD from my HDD first.
After the SSD is up and running I would keep the HDD in a safe place in case something goes awry with the Win 10 install . I would also download the new drivers and put them on a disc or flash drive before you pull the HDD so you have them immediately available after the Win 10 installation.

I'm not great at explaining this but you get the gist

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It was a modified plan
Oct 28, 2016 12:27PM PDT

Originally, I was going to just clone it. However, for some reason the cloning was taking FOREVERRR. I even tried letting it go overnight, eight hours and it still wasn't done. I was advised that there must be some kind of corruption and that doing it this way was the best choice. I will add the device drivers to a removable disk, sure. But I still need to know if I need ALL of these.

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I'm unclear on something.
Oct 28, 2016 12:25PM PDT

When you alter the PC to other than stock, support is rarely free. So if they will help when paid, is that the issue? Or something else?

Anyhow I only install drivers for items that need it. If my mouse works, I don't go get a driver.

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If you're going to ask a passive aggressive question
Oct 28, 2016 12:38PM PDT

you don't have to mask it by acting like you're answering my original post. I think what I'm asking is pretty clear. And no, it's not a problem for them to charge me for technical support. They said they charge for walk-throughs. I don't need a walkthrough. Their support page should be more straightforward when it comes to providing this kind of software for people who prefer to try and do things on their own. They didn't have windows 10 as an option and they have a long list of drivers, including several that look very similar. If they have different versions of the same download, that is something they should make clear. It feels to me that they are being intentionally obscure to drive calls. I just need to know if I need all the drivers on that list, or if those at the top are different versions of the same download.

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We wish all makers would be clearer.
Oct 28, 2016 12:51PM PDT

But after decades of Windows it hasn't happened. Microsoft still believes that we must learn about the OS, and more.

It is not intentional obscure, it's outright not telling us. So much of the Windows PC is still trial and error. If I have a laptop that doesn't have W10 drivers I have to try a fresh install and then test what works.

I start with what devices that don't work and install drivers AND APPS!!! in this order.

1. BIOS updated, then reset the BIOS to defaults except for what I really need to change.
2. Motherboard drivers (chipset driver.)
3. Now I move to audio, video, and networking items.
4. Some PCs need APPS to turn on and control WiFi and so on.

At this point I have a working PC.

-> As to versions I try the latest. If that fails I try an older version.

This royally upsets folk new to the Windows PC that we get to load Windows and more. That is, it's been like this since before 1995. And little has changed. I'm not agreeing this is how it should be. Many go get an Apple when they tire of the Windows issues.

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(NT) Well ,
Oct 28, 2016 12:57PM PDT
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Sorry about that
Oct 28, 2016 1:06PM PDT

What I meant to say is ,
I have a 2007 Tosh. Qosmio /Win 8.1 that MS said was ok to upgrade but Toshiba didn't and won't write new drivers for Win 10.
Now Windows 10 does run fine on the laptop BUT none of the function keys along the top of the keyboard work.
Toshiba never said they would be writing new drivers and my comp was never on their Win 10 upgrade list. .Is your computer on Toshiba's upgrade list ?
I already had the newest drivers from Toshiba with 8.1 and yes , you need all of them for that Tosh to run properly.
Best of luck

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Did you buy this SSD from Toshiba?
Oct 28, 2016 2:15PM PDT

If not, why should they help you alter the computer? That's not passive aggression, just a common sense question.

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