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UPDATES - February 18, 2005

Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware

Spyware Definition Version: 5691

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TrojanHunter Ruleset update: 4xx-2005-02-18

An updated TrojanHunter ruleset, containing 26496 ruleset entries, is available. This update adds 14 new trojan definitions:


Licensed TrojanHunter users can easily update using TrojanHunter's LiveUpdate utility. If you are using the trial version of TrojanHunter, please see for instructions on how to update to the latest ruleset.

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Version 5689 ?

Tried to get updated to Version 5691; however, I keep getting a reply that I have the latest version which is 5689. Sad

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(NT) (NT) Same here, Harv :(
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Update to my post...

Although auto update did not work, at Marianna's suggestion. I downloaded the latest version 1.0.509 from the Microsof link. Uninstalled the old version, rebooted and installed the new version.

Update was flawless and retained all settings and data from the previous version. No visible changes but apparently fixes or improvement to the software.


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Glenn - did you have problems updating to 5691??

I had NO problems at all. (Latest ZA free version)

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Huh !

Marianna, I had not even thought of that until reading your reply... had downloaded only the program update to 1.0.509. So just now I used the auto update feature and download 5691 without any problem. Thanks for the reminder! Wink


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(NT) (NT) You're Welcome :)
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(NT) (NT) i finally just got home and update worked
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I think that what happens here for updates

on this program is the same as for Windows Updates, Norton, Spybot, Ad-Aware, etc. is that they all use numerous live update servers and the servers don't all get the updates released to them at the same time and then, when they DO, they get swamped. We are all just too fast for them in here. LOL

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I can't find anything on this

either guys. Maybe it is being released later today. I just checked the download page for the tool itself and the definitions version that comes with that, unless Microsoft hasn't updated that page is version #5687. That page was published on February 16th so I imagine that Microsoft is just running behind as usual. You guys already have a later one than that. LOL This is the download page I'm talking about.

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i click to update

and says im up to date but im not this is the 2nd reinstall

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Known issue

While I did not have issue earlier in getting the new spyware defs 5691, it is a known issue on some users who are using 3rd party firewall -

Customers with software firewalls need to grant access to the programs below in order to keep Microsoft AntiSpyware up to date as well as upload unknown threats to the spynet community.


Customers with hardware firewalls only need to verify ports 80 and 443 are open.

The above is from

Not sure if that is the reason why others can't the updates soon.

More on FAQ for Microsoft Antispyware:

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Got the new update this afternoon.

Don't know why I could not download the new version this morning. I tried it again just now, and finally got it. Happy

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Great to hear that you got it.

Patience is the key I guess Happy

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AVG 7.0 - AVI 266.0.0 - February 18, 2005 -
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(NT) (NT) This is a HUGE update.
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Yes it is Julea AND I just found

out via the grapevine that it is for the PAID version only. Sorry about that, it was MY mistake. I only reported what was on the main update page where it was not specified as to which version it was for. This is what was posted on the SECOND page.
AVG 7.0 - Priority update
Full update for AVG Professional Edition only

Virus database
Update Number 266.0.0
Update file u7avi456po.bin
Size 4096606 bytes
Release date 2005-02-18

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Crazy Man Crazy !!!

You know what Roddy? I just did an Update Manager Internet check and it downloaded the 4000Kb update to my AVG 7 Free and installed it. Go figure! Wink


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I think they are confused today Glenn.

The main update page just lists the update without saying whether it is for the paid version or the free version but if you go to the download page, it says it's for the Pro version only which does not explain why it is so large OR why those people with the free version are getting it also. I have no idea what is going on. LOL Plain

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Mine too -- that's how I knew it was a HUGE file. Are we

still protected (LOL)!


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I think so...

At least mine is scanning. Probably would not download if it was not for the free version. This is sort of typical of AVG... lots of confusion and little explanation or clarity especially concerning the FREE version. Overall I like AVG! Grin


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Hey Glenn....

That update must be for all versions. I just got home and cranked up the PC and had a 4000.6kB download, and I am useing the PRO. Paid Version now. Maybe they are giving everyone a Freebee today.

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(NT) (NT) I like it too Glenn -- I plan to hang in there.
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trojanhunter update(2)02-18-2005 (2nd one today)

An updated TrojanHunter ruleset, containing 26516 ruleset entries, is available. This update adds 9 new trojan definitions:


Licensed TrojanHunter users can easily update using TrojanHunter's LiveUpdate utility. If you are using the trial version of TrojanHunter, please see for instructions on how to update to the latest ruleset.

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New iAVS update (VPS 507-4) for avast!

Note: This is a standard update

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AntiVir PE VDF-
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Avast 4.x VPS

The latest iAVS update was published on: 18.2.2005, version: 0507-4

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New AVG Anti-Virus 7.0 Update - AVI 266.1.0

** AVG Anti-Virus 7.0 **

--- information about Update ---

Update Summary:

- added new variants of I-Worm/Mydoom

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(NT) (NT) Are Pay & Free getting same updates now? I got this 1
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(NT) (NT) YES - both paid and FREE

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