Update on bakers that wouldn't bake

Owners of cake shop that refused to make gay wedding cake now refuse to pay $135,000 damages

The Kleins have filed an appeal of the ruling and are defying the order to pay. They’re claiming financial hardship although crowdfunding efforts have brought in over $500,000 on their behalf,

They don't want to pay because it's under appeal and they couldn't get the money back?...It's not even money from their's money collected from others.

They could pay the money, "not bake" a couple more cakes, pay the penalty with the money left from crowdfunding, and still have enough for a mini-vacation with someone else's money.

I enjoyed THIS comment in the comment section

Bigotry disguised as morality is still bigotry, just as an outhouse with marble columns is still an outhouse.
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Reporting: Update on bakers that wouldn't bake
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doubt there will be min vacation

when paid out, doubt there will be any money left once their lawyers get their cut.

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seems the gays have found a way.... use their own anti-Christian bigotry to enrich themselves at the expense others. How F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S-E

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IF the baker had baked the cake
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Bake a $135,000 cake

and throw it in the gays faces ****'em

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RE: throw it in the gays faces
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I suppose ,if it was the baker that did the throwing

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Or a pie might work
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I'd have to wonder how it was calculated

that $135K in damage was done. If I drive my car into someone's home, this is easy. Whatever is the cost to repair the structure is the base amount. I would be liable for the cost of living quarters for the homeowners during the time their home was unusable. There could be other nickles and dimes for incidental damage and loss such as furniture and everything could be neatly put into a spreadsheet. But how in the world can an assessment of $135K be justified just because the nuptial desirous couple couldn't get custom services from their vendor of first choice. Good grief...If I can't get cabinet hardware from Lowes that suites my style, I check Home Depot or Menards. If a painter won't paint my house because he doesn't do work in my particular neighborhood, I call another painter. Why complicate things for myself if I really want something done.

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because it's not really about a cake

...but in creating a situation by those who trouble us first with their immorality and then want to rub it in our faces and then profit from it. Cursed children for whom the fires of Hell wait in anticipation of their arrival.

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RE: trouble us first with their immorality

and others trouble us first with their morality.

Holier than thou.

It's a tossup as to which is worse/less enjoyable.

Jimmy Swaggart still comes to mind.

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Holier than thou does exist

It certainly doesn't justify being "unholier than thou". I really get tired of the stupid phrases people who don't even understand them try and use, like "judge not...." when it's obvious from the reading that it's not encouraging lack of judgement but rather righteous judgement.

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