Can you tell me which CNET newsletters was sent to you?

Was it the CNET Membership newsletter? If it was, each member when they join CNET will be subscribed to this newsletter (this is disclosed when are registering). It's newsletter that is sent occasional for announcements about new CNET services, features and updates for CNET registered members.

To unsubscribe to this or any CNET newsletter, you can easily manage your CNET newsletter subscription from your CNET profile page (see link on the top right hand corner of any CNET page and click the "My profile" link. Here is the direct link to the CNET newsletter subscription management page:

You can also unsubscribe to the newsletter sent to you by click on the unsubscribe link at the of the CNET newsletter to unsubscribe.

I hope this information helps. Please do let me know which newsletter was sent to you so that I can look into it.

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