I have bought a phone on eBay to find out that the phone doesn't work with using the internet and data from a ATT&T phone to another carrier, I sent a email over to the seller to ask the questions i have been spending hours to figure out what the proper way to unlock the phone.

you first want to turn off the phone, have the Sim card in place, power off and turn on phone.

At the home screen type #7465625*638*
another screen will open NCK code for ATT&T (8 digits) is: 93924195 then press okay. this will unlock the phone. You only have 5 tries before the phone is locked up that you have to send phone back to Samsung to get them to do the unlock at no charge. Just have to get a repair ticket number from 1-888-987-4357.

Remember if your looking to have a 3G phone off eBay the phone needs to have the carrier of the service provider so you can have internet access on the phone. t What i am wanting this for is using it on the net which i am unable to acheive.

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