unknown device is disconnected LG TVs solved

Pesky unknown device is disconnected message on LG TVs ,To fix it just switch to in store mode and then shut off all in store demo stuff in store mode sub menu , I have laptop and cable connected as well as using the LG tuner off air all work .message gone

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Reporting: unknown device is disconnected LG TVs solved
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Unknown Device is disconnected LG TV (and Wired Network msg)

I tried this but it didn't solve the issue of the TV freezing up and the remote not working - also the eye comfort mode keeps coming off with the in-store mode. The temporary fix I discovered was to disconnect all HDMI devices and reset the TV. The issue is, as soon as you add the HDMI devices back on, you start getting the same issues and Wi-Fi is still not available, so this is not really a fix but another approach to temporarily stop the notifications, besides using store mode. When I contacted LG, they said a tech will need to come have a look. Has anyone fixed this successfully? I know a lot of folks have been experiencing this...

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Same issue

I'm having the exact issue lg has a service coming out he's going to replace the main board

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Did it work?

Replacing the main board solved the issues?

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Techs replaced Wi-Fi module which has worked so far

Hi folks, just a quick update - techs just left after replacing the WiFi module and it worked. I'm in Home Mode and no notifications or skipping video yet. Let's see if it stays that way!

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Same to me

A simple and cheap Wi-Fi module replacement did the job. I suggest you do the same.

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are you still okay?

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What does Wi-Fi "module" mean?

If you could clarify, that would be great.

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WIFI module

It's a small component inside your TV that receives the WIFI signal.

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Rent to own

I'm paying monthly for my TV. Do you happen to know if this is something the store will handle/get fixed for me?

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Hi there I was just how did you contact the techs I live in Ontario Canada. And is the process simple?

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Unknown device is disconected

I was having the "unknown device is disconnected" pop up problem. Also the remote was not working properly and yes, I replaced the batteries but that didn't help. I tried this and it seems to work great. Under the store mode there are a couple sub menus which have a few options turned on. I turned those options off and returned to Home mode and haven't had a problem with either the pop ups or the remote. Hopefully it stays that way. Thanks!

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USB plug caused problem for me

since the recent LG update(05-80-15), I have received the message continuously and also my Magic Remote would not work, I tried reset, store mode , unplugged all HDMI with no help,
Finally I removed the USB plug I was using to power my Chromecast and the message went away, and my remote works again.
so for me the unknown device was a USB plug used for power.

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Works but

Store mode works to disable pop ups for broken WiFi cards and unknown decice disconnections but then you're stuck with soap opera mode on as that is the default sadly. I can’t watch tv like that, it’s so distracting after growing up with 24fps. LG said since I am past the one year mark by a month I would have to pay to have the TV repaired. I said no thanks. I know I will never buy LG products again if components break as soon as a year.

Unreal that you need to be in store mode to permanently disable pop up notifications. Latest firmware from last week didn't Help. So disappointed after loving my lg PCs monitors for years.

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Go back to Home mode

Just go to store mode to turn off the options there then return to Home mode, no need to be stuck in "soap opera mode".

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I did

I did and as soon as I’m back in home mode the pop ups start again. I went back to store mode and confirm pop ups are still disabled and back to home mode and they continue. It only sticks while in store mode. It’s gotten worse with the newest firmware. Wouldn’t shock me if one of the firmware updates caused it in the first place. I appreciate the help. I will just replace the tv with a non LG brand at some point. Sad as the TV works perfect otherwise and I love the 4K image.

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Might just be an issue with the WiFi cable

As suggested by @InnocentAlone, i unscrewed the back of the TV, unplugged the flat cable that goes from the WiFi board to the bottom of the tv, cleaned it, re-plugged it and now my TV can connect to the WiFi and so far no pop up. Worth the try and save you some dollars.

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Home Mode may help after remaining in Store Mode for a while

Hi, it didn't work for me to go into Store Mode and disable the pop-ups then go back to Home Mode. I did find some benefit when I remained in Store Mode (after disabling pop-ups) for a few days going back to Home mode - not sure why staying in Store Mode for some time before switching back to Home Mode helped. Also, found the length of time in Store Mode to make this work may vary... they are sending a tech to replace one of the boards so let's see how that works out.

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Store and home mode

What is store mode and home mode

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So far, so good

After reading nearly every post everywhere (and trying most "fixes") on this subject, I stumbled on an improbable solution. My UJ7700 was going nuts with the pop ups, every few seconds, nothing had worked. Someone suggested turning off the Automatic Time/ Date setting, many others commented it solved their problem so I tried it and the pop ups stopped immediately and have not returned, remote works fine, life is good.

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Really works

Man I did all the other recommendations in this post and they didn't work.

I tried yours and it really seems to solve the problem even my remote is working fine now.

I don't know if, in my case, it was the combination of all the recommendations, so if only changing the automatic time doesn't work, try also the store mode stuff.

Thanks a lot

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Still works?

Hello, I have 43UJ752T having Software version 05.80.15.

My question is, is your TV still working correctly?

I tried above steps like (Go to store mode and disable all options, Reset to initial settings, Auto clock set to Off, Re-pairing the magic remote)

Doing this, 'Unknown device disconnected' messages went away, (Mostly, I think, but I am not sure)
But, the Remote problem still stands...

Can you please try to recall what else you did except I mentioned??

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Still working on it

Hi there!
Everything was pretty good UNTIL the time change on 3/10. I've tried everything but the fact that the time change screwed things up led me to believe the problem was more with the network than the TV.
I'm connected via Powerline adapter with ethernet. I did a factory reset and firmware update (it was 2 updates behind) on the adapter, made sure the time zone was set properly and then turned on the auto time set on the TV. All this and all the above still was not a permanent fix.
Still convinced that the network had something to do with this, I set the TV to a static IP address and did a port forward from the gateway (not the powerline adapter) and that seems to have worked, we'll see. This problem may be bigger than all of us combined.
Try taking the batteries out of your remote, unplugging the TV, put the batteries back in, plug in the TV , and pair the remote, this usually worked for me.
I think the solution is going to be totally counter-intuitive and abstract.
Hope this helps.

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No luck :(

I tried your suggestion. It didn't help me. Neither those disturbing messages stopped, nor did the remote work.
I will contact LG....

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Me either

After posting this and feeling fairly confident, my TV decided it had enough of trying to be fixed, The pop ups are worse than ever and I can't stop them at all. Finally broke down and called for repair, we'll see what happens. Good luck.

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No wifi,unknown device disconnected and magic remote

I have this no wifi and the pop up. I had I complete Board and new wifi card the repair man said don't upgrade firmware. I didn't then one day it did automatically and all the issues started. Pretty sure it's the firmware upgrade causing all these issues.

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The journey has started

After a month of reading every article and watching every video and trying every conceivable remedy I finally gave up and called LG. I was getting the Unknonwn Device Disconnected at least 10 times a day.

LG sent someone out less than 24 hours later. He was nice and proceeded to retry everything I had tried. I just sat and chuckled as the message kept popping up over and over and his rage intensified. Then he called someone at LG and they then repeated the whole process a second time (really third if you count my efforts). They tried to tell me it was my Amazon Firestick but I shot that down stating it was doing it before I plugged that device in. Then they wanted to tell me it was due to back HDMI cables but then the message started popping up when the tech disconnected all HDMI cables.

So, after an hour they gave up and have ordered three new parts, a wifi module, something called a joystick module, and a whole new motherboard. They are coming tomorrow to attempt a fix.

My question is whether this is a hardware or software issue? If the software is bad, which I suspect, reinstalling hardware shouldn't do any good.

For reference my TV is about 15 months old, model 65SJ850A-UC, purchased at Costco.

I'll post an update after the work is done.

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UPDATE - the repair tech (LG employee) returned yesterday. Odd thing was that LG sent all the parts to my home, not to the tech. This included an LG clothes washer drain plug assembly, which is really strange as I don't own an LG appliance.

Anyway, the tech replaced only the wifi module, not the main board. The pop up has not reappeared so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

As an aside, the tech and I did the job together since he needed a hand with lifting the TV. It was a little disappointing to see how little there is that runs a huge TV. I guess the cost is in the shipping cause the components are very scant.

While the service was exceptional, this is the first time I've ever had any issue with a TV in my life so I doubt I'll be buying an LG ever again.
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Status now?

Thanks for your reporting.
I am calling LG service today,
Can you tell me whether you were facing 'Remote stops working' issues before??

Now, is everything fine?
If yes, then tell me, so I can tell stupid LG service people about this problem...

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Fixed, I hope

The problem seems to have resolved with a new wifi module.

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I also called LG. In my case, there was not even need for changing any part.

The person came and opened the TV.
The problem was, there was some dust around the PCI connector between the WiFi module and main board. So, when the TV heats up, the connection cable heats a little bit and due to dust, it can't communicate with WiFi module properly and blah blah blah.....

He just cleaned the connectors and voila! The problem is gone now.

<For other readers>
SOLUTION OF THE PROBLEM (AS observed by me) :

Get a screwdriver, open all the screws found on back of TV, you will find a thin but a large cable going from the board (where HDMI and USB is there) AND bottom of the TV. Just unplug them, clean them by a thin cloth and put them back.

Boom! It's solved!
You know, if I knew this, I could have saved my 1180 INR ( around 18 USD ) Sad

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