Is this "Easy TV 2.6" provided by If so, I am beginning to think should be avoided, as this is the 2nd report I have seen about their software in the last week, and visiting their site at I can neither find the software, nor any support options.

If uninstalling through the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs fails, then try uninstalling from the software's own program folder. It may be that there is an uninstall option in the Start menu > All Programs folder for this software. Try that.

If not, look for the software's Program folder in C:\Program files and see if there is an uninstall file there.

If that fails, then your options are limited;

1] Try restoring your system to the time before you installed the software using System Restore, (Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore).

2] If that fails, delete the program folder manually. Goto start > Search, and search for Easy TV or Easy TV 2.6. Find the folder where it is saved, and delete that folder.

If Easy TV begins when you load up your computer, then you will have to amend the Startup files in MSCONFIG, (Start > Run, type in msconfig , click OK, then the Startup tab), and de-select any entry for Easy TV.