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Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Qosmio G15-AV501

I wish I would know at a time of buying $3200 Qosmio G15-AV501 what I know now. To make my story really quick, Toshiba fails to repair it. We have it for little over 1.5 year; it was used only for about 6 months. It is in repairs and being repaired since 2.2.2006 with the same problem for 6th time now.
This laptop has 4th hard drive, 3rd motherboard, 2nd graphic card, 2nd cooling fans and who knows what else. I made over 20 phone calls to Toshiba, spent numerous hours dealing with their unfriendly customer support mostly with a heavy accent and seem like over the sea delays while talking with them. I was disconnected many times, put on hold for managers, that weren?t in the office anymore...
I believe Toshiba sells Qosmio and other laptops that have known numerous problems, the laptops overheat and break. Toshiba isn't interested in customer's satisfaction, they just want to sell the product and make the profit, or maybe they are shooting for a high numbers of sales. Their motto seems to be not to replace or refund their faulty products. Instead they will prolong the repairs as long as they can till your warranty runs out, so your consumer right of having it repaired in a reasonable timeframe and manner are slim.
I am currently waiting for a response from Toshiba to my 6 pages long return receipt letter with detailed information and copies of repairs, since Toshiba?s customer relations management denied some of the repairs done on this laptop by their certified repair center.
We as customers are protected by the product's implied warranty and should enforce our rights. If Toshiba is not capable of resolving this issue to a satisfactory conclusion, than perhaps I should exercise my rights as a consumer.
How many of you are having problems like me? I?ve seen too many bad reviews about Toshiba?s crooked repair and support services. How far did you go with your problem?

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Check in your state. For instance in California...

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Your warranty is extended by the time the maker has your product. That time is not lost. Other states may be similar. is the review of this laptop. The only issue I see is that it can be a hot laptop. The owner would have to take extreme care not to use on a bed or other soft surface. A laptop cooling pad would be best.

Best of luck seeing if you have more time under warranty.


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Will Never Buy Another Toshiba Computer!

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

This is my first Toshiba online purchase and I can firmly say that it will be my last Toshiba online purchase.

First, the FREE Epson Printer that came with the system stopped working after one month. With phone calls to both Epson and Toshiba, no one wanted to help with troubleshooting the Free Printer.

Secondly, two of the four rebates that I sent in came back that the rebate forms were mailed after the expiration date. I anticipated this problem and at the time of mailing, paid for receipts of mailing for all four rebate forms. I contacted both Epson and NetGear, the two companies that replied that I sent the rebate form in after the expiration date, and both would not help me. Even though I faxed them and mailed them proof of mailing, I never received these rebates.

After owning the laptop for five months, the laptop just started turning off. We initially thought it was a battery problem, but the computer also turned off when it was run off the AC Power. We then invested in four different types of heating pads, none of which prevented the laptop from turning off.

When I finally called Toshiba about the problem, their Customer Service representative was very unhelpful. Troubleshooting was almost non-existent and his first answer was to do a system recovery. I asked him first why he thought it was Operating System related, and he said the settings may be off. I then suggested why do we not first check the settings. He actually told me the wrong place to check the settings. (I did not tell him that I was a Computer Teacher and taught a CISCO course). By the way, the settings were perfect.

I also explained to him at the beginning of the conversation that I ran virus, worm, adware, and spyware scans and all came up clean. When the settings were perfect, he then said that there might be a virus, etc. and that is why there should be a system recovery. Again, he was not listening.

I have been in customer service for over thirty years and I can confidently say that the Toshiba Customer Service has very little service or customer concern. I told him about my rebate problems and printer problem and he replied that it is not Toshiba's fault for those other companies -- Proof that they use these gimmicks (free merchandise and rebates) to hook customers into buying their computers, but if anything goes wrong with these outside company products, Toshiba will not stand behind the customer.

Do yourself a favor and stay as far away from a Toshiba product as possible. Listen and Learn from online forums. I did see the negative feedback online prior to purchasing my computer, yet the computer was highly recommended from a good friend who is a computer technician. He can repair his own computers and he is very good at it...however, for the rest of us, be smart and do not purchase a Toshiba computer.

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I AGREE Toshiba has the worst warranty ever

In reply to: Will Never Buy Another Toshiba Computer!

My experience with toshiba is horrible. If only I had known how terrible is their international warranty... I bought a Toshiba Tecra M7 and the HD basically burned down. It has now been nearly a month and I am still waiting for it be fixed. They are waiting for spare parts from Canada (I bought it in Canada but I am now studying in the UK)... Their custumer service is terrbile, each time, they say they will call me back but in fact they never. They basically each time add a note to your file but never take any actions... basically they don't give a ****. Their sub-contractor is even worst (TELEPLAN). They waited 10 days to order the parts !! (impossible to have a clear answer why they waited so long)...

anyways, this is the last time I will ever buy a toshiba. I strongly advise anyone to disregard this company has you will get terribly frustrated if you have a single problem with your product EVEN if you are under international warranty.

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In reply to: I AGREE Toshiba has the worst warranty ever

Their piss poor customer service is as bad as Comcast which is saying quite a bit. I wish I had more thoroughly researched before I bought. My computer screen goes black at different times for no apparent reason when in use, motherboard has been replaced and mroe problems too lazy to write about all within 6 months of purchase.

Pain in the *** for sure. I will never do business with Toshiba again.

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In reply to: I AGREE Toshiba has the worst warranty ever

You are totally correct. Sent our laptop in for repairs. Received a call back from a rude customer service rep that said it was no longer under warranty. They told me it would be $219 to fix the problem. I asked them to mail it back without fixing it. I looked up laptop repair in my phonebook. The laptop was fixed in 3 days for only $48!! Toshiba is a rip off!!!!!

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similar expierence

In reply to: Will Never Buy Another Toshiba Computer!

"After owning the laptop for five months, the laptop just started turning off. We initially thought it was a battery problem, but the computer also turned off when it was run off the AC Power. We then invested in four different types of heating pads, none of which prevented the laptop from turning off."

This same thing happened to my sisters laptop(I don't know what its called because I never checked but its a $800-$1000 toshiba). Now it turns off randomly when shes using it. She hasn't really bothered to try in fix it. Luckily after reading all this stuff and from some experience. I decided to buy ASUS instead of Toshiba. ASUS has 10x worse customer supprt in UK then any other company. Ive read people waiting over 1 year for there Asus laptop repair in the UK.
GL to all your Toshiba owners.

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OR anything Toshiba!

In reply to: Will Never Buy Another Toshiba Computer!

this Toshiba Satellite Laptop has been a problem since purchase and I will NEVER purchase anything made by Toshiba ever again.

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Toshiba Repair Service Negligent, and in Breach o

I submitted my Toshiba U300 for repair on Nov 12 because it wasn't making any sound. They told us it would take 3-5 days. I called to check up on the 21st Nov, when I was told it was waiting on the workbench to begin work, which had only just been approved. The estimate was then changed again to 3-5 days from then, and I was told that in all likelihood it would be back with me by the 27th when I was leaving the county. It wasn't. It took until Dec 9th to get back, with no explanation. When it got back the power board had a problem that never existed before - it shuts off on its own, at randomn, anywhere between 20 seconds and 10 minutes of power up. No saving, and all work is lost.

We called on the 10th Dec, and while trying to negotiate an immediate repair over the phone I was lied to 4 times:
1) Nick from Customer Services told me he would put me through to head office. Instead, he put through to his supervisor.
Keith Harding, his supervisor, refused to provide an onsite repair. Instead, he fed me three seperate lies
2) that he would make sure this was a "Priority Repair" with their service contractor, Teleplan. Over a week later, Dec 19, not a single thing has been done on it.
3) that he personally would follow up with me on the status of the computer with a phone call or email the following day. He never called, he never emailed.
4) that the computer would be picked up the next day, the 11th Dec. It wasn't picked up until the 12th.

No explanation was made for any of these errors. No accountability can be found by anyone in the company. They refuse to make good on the repair service that customers pay for, and develop long chains of excuses and responsibility-avoidance in their attempts to exhaust enquirers. But their company is in the wrong. They promise up to 5 days, and they take a month. And no one is taking action.

These issues are endemic throughout the company, and people report similar crap service all around the world despite having paid for warranty repairs. Toshiba as a corporation has institutionalized systematic deceit and betrayal of their customers. I recommend a class-action lawsuit against Toshiba. What do you think?

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Class action feeds the lawyers.

In reply to: Toshiba Repair Service Negligent, and in Breach o

Sure, knock yourself out. But here I know the places to call. I noted the BEAR in CA, USA. Your state may have the same.

But remember you always remain cool. If you lose your temper have someone that can stay cool and focused handle the repairs for you.

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Toshiba repair and customer services failure

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

(Repair Disaster)

After all the calling to customer service and all the confusion on their end that they relayed to me, it seems that unless you get a representative who actually know what they are doing and most of all cares about helping you, then you completely left in the dark. In my case, I'm a father of two young boys 4 1/2 and 19 months. I work, go to school and take care of my two son's full time. My use of the Toshiba computer is to partake in my college studies online. We all know that with adequate education your chances of landing a successful career are high. If I can't partake in class I will not succeed toward those goals.

The following is what took place when I exercised Toshiba Technical Support:

I had damage to my Toshiba computer, and so I contacted technical support.

First attempt-Promises to send me a box to ship my computer to Toshiba for repair. I was given a Depot order number and Reference number. The box never showed up because the Depot department never received a building number. Basically Toshiba didn't give there people the right address.

Second attempt- Two weeks later I called technical support and was transferred to the Depot Center. After a 21 minute wait I was told Toshiba had a computer issue and the order didn't go through. I never received a phone call or e-mail relating this bad news. They agreed to send it out again but claimed that they didn't know how since you can't create another depot number without deleting the original. And you can't delete the original. It was here that I knew they had horrible planning with customer support and lead me to assume that they didn't have enough effort in this step of planning for the customer. These happenings lead me to think their profit is their truest care and not insuring the product is maintained through appropriate support.

Third attempt- One week later I spoke with a Manager named Jesse who promised to cancel all orders under my computer serial number and resend the box. I had questions because I was told that isn't possible. I was assured that he could do this so I agreed. I asked more questions and he didn't want to answer them. I know this because he told me "Want to deal with this" and then hung up the phone. In turn I never got the new Depot Number and or reference number.

Fourth attempt- Three days later I call to technical support again and was given a new Depot Number and reference number. She then told me to call the Depot department or my box to ship back to them will not be sent out. A man named John answered and told me he will cancel all other numbers and create a new number and follow its process all the way to UPS. He said if it doesn't go through then he will do it again. I agreed and will wait the two to five days I was told it will take.

I think we as customer who pay for the warranties are being lied to by the warranty and should take action to get what you "PAID" for. If this means legal action, then that is what needs to take place.

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Think twice before buying Toshiba this Christmas

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

In response to your email, I must say that in reference to Toshiba's approach to service...nothing has changed in four years. I purchased a satellite notebook on May 2009. To make a long story short, it was in the shop in April,2010 and this time it has been in for almost 1 month since Oct.19th. After navigating 1 hour through the telephone center just to speak to a person, I was told I don't qualify for a loaner.
So, I have no alternative except to just wait.
My advise...Don't Buy Toshiba, if it breaks, you are out of luck.

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In reply to: Think twice before buying Toshiba this Christmas

Good point. Almost no consumer products have a loaner program.

I do see the cell phone companies have some spotty loaner programs but it looks like if you need continuous access to your PC then you have to act like a business with spares, backups and more.

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Toshiba sucks

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

If you value a good Warranty, avoid Toshiba. Their Warranty is an absolute joke. My girlfriend had one where the power plug pushed into the case. The repair depot held the computer for a month while demanding $170, claiming there was case damage and that the warranty did not cover it. Later I opened it, saw there was no case damage inside (nor out), and it was apparent to me that they never even opened it up to see what was wrong. I fixed it in 20 minutes, most of that time just finding the hidden screws.

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Google this.

In reply to: Toshiba sucks


It's a BIG (little) industry. I lost count how many I've fixed. Why do I fix them? The "official" fix is to change the motherboard or such. Apple's mag power connector wins this round.

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Toshiba needs some customer service lessons from Dell

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Well, I wish I'd seen this forum before buying my customized $1,300 Toshiba laptop last October. At only nine months old, it is showing a burn spot in the lower right corner of the screen. So naturally since I'd bought the extended warranty with onsite repair, I called Toshiba to get it fixed. They promised to have tech support call me to set up a time. Today I made my second call, asking when I would see a repair person. Again, they've promised that someone will contact me in the next 24 hours.

My last laptop was a Dell that served me well for more than 5 years, except for the graphics card burning out three times. Each time, Dell acknowledged the problem and a repair person always showed up the following day to replace the card.

I work in the computer tradeshow industry and purchase about ten laptops a year on behalf of my company. You can bet I won't be buying Toshiba anymore.

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Toshiba Horror Story

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Hey All,

I purchased a Toshiba A665-S6100X laptop from Best Buy for $989 + Tax. I later found out that the X behind the product code was because the previous 6100 model was recalled due a problem with the laptop not cooling properly. The 6100X was the improved/fixed version. Four months into using the laptop wouldn't you know, the cooling system failed on the laptop, overheating, and the system shutdown automatically to prevent damage. I sent it in for repair under warranty. They returned the product indicating that the cooling fan was replaced to repair the issue. January of 2012 the same exact issue occured again forcing me to begin the warranty repair process again. I spoke to a "case manager" regarding the issue due to the repeated failure for the same problem reason. I told the case manager that I understand that things like this happen, but that it cannot continue any further. If I have to return the laptop for a third time for the same cooling issue, that under Federal Law they are required to replace the laptop with a newer model or refund my money. It's not fair that they can knowingly sell products that are going to fail due to their poor design. Not only will I never buy Toshiba products in the future, I will tell everyone to be wary of doing the same. I have documentation and repair ticket numbers from all previous/current repairs, and am prepared to take them to small claims court. In fact, Toshiba has SO MANY warranty claims being processed, they will no longer pay for shipping of the unit, but require the customer to pay return shipping to the company due to loss of revenue.

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Be careful.

In reply to: Toshiba Horror Story

Some companies when you talk legal like that will take your word that you are pursuing that action and won't offer tech support on that product. Your next call may be upsetting as they look at the file and then ask if you want to talk to the legal department.

No excuse but be careful about this.

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Toshiba's amazingly poor service and products

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

Dear Listicks and whoever else might read this:

Do not buy a Toshiba. Listicks is absolutely right. I purchase my computer at the end of Novembe 2012. It is now the beginning of April 2013. 4 months have elapsed. Out of the 120 days of ownership, my computer has been in repair for more than 75 days. It took over 6 weeks for one repair. It is about to go in again. Here are some examples of their poor service:

- You are not allowed to talk to anyone for the first six business days. Only e-mail is allowed. After that you will get a case number. Whoooopeee.
- Once you get a case number, you can check the website to determine when your part will arrive. ETA means estimated time of arrival, not guaranteed time of arrival" - an actual quote from a Toshiba service representative. They can give you as many ETA's as is necessary. So far, I have 6 ETA's. Apparently the ETA's change because of weather, and unknown circumstances.
- Representative are not allowed to give out last names. I have every intention of going through consumer groups to deal with this issue. No-one at Toshiba was willing to accept a package from me. Apparently, they are not allowed to give out their names to consumers, so no one can accept responsiblity for your item.
- Toshiba support personnel are not allowed to connect you to other people in various departments. They keep you isolated so no one can deal with your problem. they will not give you phone numbers of other department or other personnel.
- They wanted to replace my computer, but in so doing I have to sign a non-disclosure agreement. This means I cannot tell anybody about my experience with Toshiba. I have no intention of signing a non-disclosure agreement. People need to know how poor this company and its products are.

I fully support Listicks and believe we as consumers need to be responsible. I am looking for ways and means to make corporations responsible.

I hope this reply helps people not buy Toshiba. If it does so, I appreciate it.

Apparently their representatives are not allowed to give out last names to you. In this manner, no one will take responsibility for your computer. ETA means estimated time of arrival, not guaranteed time of arrival. That is one of the comments from the service department.

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So who DOES have good warranty service?

In reply to: Toshiba's amazingly poor service and products

It seems a lot of folks here hate Toshiba. A guy in the UK says Asus is 10x worse there, a lot of folks hate Samsung, and Dell too, and I don't want to even mention that HP company. So does anybody recommend any of the manufacturers?
I have to say I've been lucky with my purchases. I've had Toshiba laptops the last 5 years, and (knock knock) only had one problem (overheating) that was fixed promptly with my extended warranty. My 4 year old HP desktop has never had a problem (although my experience with their tech support was incredibly bad), and my two Dell desktops are working fine. I did have have a hassle with the USB 3 ports on my new Inspiron 660, but the tech support experience was great - there's just a problem with the integrated Intel USB 3 on the motherboard that I finally found a workaround for.
Unless someone knows of a company with good warranty and tech support, it appears that with any of them ya pays yer money an' ya takes ya chances. Plain Unfortunate, but that seems to be the bottom line these days.

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Toshiba makes mesick to mystomach with their uselessWarranty

In reply to: So who DOES have good warranty service?

I bought a Toshiba laptop in July 13. In September of 13 I shut it off & went to bed. The next day when I turn it on I got a screen asking for a bios password. I've never set a bios password. I called Toshiba support & told them the problem with the bios password. They had me try a few things while I was on the phone with them but nothing worked. They told me I would have to send it to their repair depot. I was given a choice of boxing it myself & being responsible for damage during shipping or they highly recommended that I buy their box for $24.95. To be on the safe side I bought the $25. box from them. Four days after they received my laptop at the repair depot I get an email from them saying that repair was on hold because it needed a main board. Total cost for parts & labor $114.00. I emailed them back & ask them how can a 3 month old laptop mainboard not be under warranty. Four hours later I got an email saying that I hadn't sent them a Bios password!!! Of all the stupid things heard of this takes the cake. Now remember that the Toshiba support people are the ones who had me send it to the repair depot for this very same reason. And repair depot said I either send them the bios password so they could repair it or they would send it back to me unrepaired. Now I'm not the smartest man in the world but ...why would I send it to repair the bios password if I knew the bios password which there has never been a bios password set???//STUPID!!! So I stay on the Phone with Toshiba support after going through 15 minutes of recordings & then humpteen people. Oh they..the same people that had me send it for repair...told me that the bios password problem was not covered under I ask why they didn't tell me that before I payed them $25. for a box . They said I understand sir..Well I emailed the repair depot & told them to send my laptop back unrepaired. If I can get one person to not by their junk...then Ill be satisfied.. but I hope everyone who reads this is smart enough to not buy Toshiba products.

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In reply to: So who DOES have good warranty service?

The best service ive had were with ASUS and ACER both have very good cutsomer service

ASUS Story: my ASUS had a crack in the screen from wear and tear and they got that fixed up nicely no hassle really my recommendation would be to stay polite on the phone these are other humans remember

ACER story: My acer had a cooling problem it had burnt my hand and had dead pixels on the screen they got that replaced nicely as well tiwan seems to have great customer service

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My Horrible Toshiba Warranty Experience

In reply to: Unacceptable Toshiba warranty repair services & support

I purchased a highly customized version of the Toshiba P70 laptop in Oct 2013. One of the options I included was the Intel Dual Band AC-7260 wi-fi card. During the two months I have had the computer, I have experienced constant wi fi drops. It happens at home, at work, at restaurants and just about everywhere I have used it. In trouble shooting the problem, I went to the Intel web site and discovered that the Intel Dual Band AC-7260 wi-fi adapter is not compatible with Windows 8. This quote is from the Intel web site:The data reordering issue causes intermittent WiFi connection loss and application hangs on Windows 8* platforms. I called Intel and they indicated that they have a partial fix, but it only works about half of the time. Intel strongly recommend that I replace the wi fi card...but Toshiba is refusing to help. They will only replace the card with another identical card, which will still be incompatible. I have already wasted 5 hours on the phone trying to resolve this issue with no luck. So, Toshiba sold me a computer with a wireless card that is incompatible with the operating system....and they will not give me my money back or fix the problem. The computer is useless as a business tool. Buyer beware.

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