You have no restore CDs. No XP CD. And you didn't make a backup.

There is no real fix here but a lesson about backup and for those PCs that arrive without restore media, creating or ordering the restore media.

Your post also is missing the make and model of the PC so no one can give you a link on where to order the restore media.

-> So what's the best recovery plan?

1. Order a new hard disk. Why will become clear if you read the entire reply.
2. Order the restore media.
3. Get familiar with USB external hard disk cases or learn about how to have a machine with 2 hard disks.
4. The hard disk is pulled and set aside. The new drive put in and the restore media brings the machine back.
5. We put the old drive in the machine or external drive case and get our files back.

PCs are very unreliable so this is where you learn this first hand. The above 5 steps gets your machine back for the lowest cost.