1. Apps and countries.

Apps are per region and you may be thinking like you and your Windows PC where YOU CONTROL WHAT YOU INSTALL.

Nothing is farther from the truth when it comes to "appliances." Unless it's in that Apps store, the answer is no. There is no user control for this one.

2. The Browser.

This is not a fun area either. It's not a Windows PC in there. The browser while it is getting better is a shadow of what you can get on any PC. Some folk expected it to be as good. Not even close. And yes, I get beat up about writing that.

HOWEVER if a web site gets feedback that thousands of folk want to use their Samsung HDTV browser you can bet that site might change their web code to accommodate these TVs.

3. Settings such as audio once the App launches.

In a recent discussion, Samsung noted that once an app launches that every issue belongs to that app and that's app's author. So if you want audio/video on/off/effects after you launch the app, then you have to ask the app's author to add that feature.

Many of the apps are not authored by Samsung.