UE40D7000LQ TV does not save network password, why?

Hello! my family has just bought this TV.
When we want to connect to internet, it asks the password. We type it in, and the connection goes perfectly until we shut off the tv.

When we turn it on again, and access to the smart hub or everything else connection-related, it asks us again the same password for the same network! is there a way to save it, and autoconnect every time? (or at least connect manually but with a saved password?)

thank you!

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Reporting: UE40D7000LQ TV does not save network password, why?
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Network connection

Are you using WiFi or are you connecting with an ethernet cable? If WiFi, check the signal strength when you select the Access Point in the network setup. If you have less than 3 bars colored in, your signal will be unstable and your TV will will lose the settings. Your router may be too far away from the TV to have a strong signal.

Hope this helps,

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not that, sorry

the connection strength is perfect, and there are absolutely no problems once the key is inserted.
Isn't there a place where to manage network connection ans save password? it is really strange that i have no possiblity to save password!

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not that, sorry


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router is stable

the router never behave like you said with any other wireless component.
Today the TV isn't having this issue, so i will keep this post updated if it behave strangely again

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Added note about iffy wifi.

We do know about issues with channels on the wifi as well as this issue with WEP when used for security. Moving to WPA/WPA2 when possible is advised if changing the wifi channel doesn't help. If those two don't help I see if the router firmware is current and test with another router.

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retyping password

We just purchased a Samsung 6510 LED TV. We have the same issue with having to type in the network password every time we turn on the tv. We use a wifi connection, and the network has a WPA2 Personal password.

The TV recognizes the network fine once when it's set up (ie full signal strength) and our other devices pick up the signal with no need to type in the pw again. It is only when the tv is turned off, and then back on that I have to relink to the router and retype the pw. I read through this thread and the "Samsung Owners Start Here" forum, with no luck. Please help!

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Samsung Home Repair

I had the exact same problem (see below). Finally, I scheduled a home visit from Samsung. The repairman was here for hours. First, he changed the electronic panel to a new one, to no avail. Then he reset everything, to no avail. He changed my network password to omit the =, to no avail. Finally, I suggested that he manually input the SSID, etc. That worked! It now automatically connects. He said that is a backdoor fix, but hey, if it works... Hopefully, Samsung will come up with a patch sometime soon.

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Actually I had to use that SSID last month.

On some HP Laptop. It's a sign that makers today are straining to deliver GREAT code.

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Possible "solution"

Following my previous post (network is set up, tv recognizes it, but once it's turned off and on it requires to reconnect to wifi every time).....

After I turned on the tv and pressed the Smart Hub button on the remote, the Network Settings window would pop up saying that it wasn't connected to the internet and needed to choose a network. I didn't click on anything, but after about a minute or two the tv found the wifi network on its own and didn't need the PW to be re-entered. Not a great solution, but better than setting it up every time.

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Same thing here

I have the same problem, did you manage to sort it out at the end?

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(NT) Yes I did.
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"Smart" Samsung TV won't save network password...

I have the same problem. When the TV turns off/on again, we have to go through the whole network setup/password entry all over again. I have 100% signal strength and no other wireless item in the house (like PS3 and blu-ray player) have an issue... they all save the password just fine: the problem is with the TV.

What was the solution you found? You said you got it resolved? How? Thanks!

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I used the info here to solve another one THEN

Then I updated the "Samsung Owners Start Here" post in the Cnet Networking forum.

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is this an answer? A bit cryptic if it was intended to be... can someone just give me an actual answer Happy or at least a link or some clearer instructions on where to go to get one? Thanks!

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I found no answer in that thread...

Ok, I think I found the samsung owners link in the neworking forum:;threadListing

However, I see no mention in that thread or any of the related threads it references anything having to do with the Smart Samsung HDTV not saving a network password. Lots of stuff there about samsung products not connecting to a network, but *that's not the problem here*... the very topic of this thread specifies that the issue is the samsung TV not remembering the password once it's powered off... so every time you turn on the TV you have to re-enter the network password all over again to get it connected.

If anyone monitoring this thread has found an answer to the issue, please let me know. Thanks!


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Here I set it up per the Cnet Networking forum BUT

But there can NEVER BE a step by step since one router is not like the next. I fear that if guides and suggested settings are unacceptable then you are going to be upset as the makers have done you wrong.

That is, why do they offer settings that don't work?

I can try if you will but your question was simple. You asked if I fixed it and I have. But there's more. I may not have your router and tv.

I can make a bet I don't use the router settings you use but where in your posts are those settings, make, model of everything?

You seem to want to avoid all this and I wish it was possible.

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I don't think the router settings are the issue but...

I'll look tonight to see the settings on the router.

But since the *problem* is that the *TV won't save the password*, I do not think that the router itself is the issue. The connection works once it's set. The problem is that when the TV turns off and on again, the *TV* has not saved the password in it's own setup screen. That's not a router question... that's a question about why the TV won't keep the password saved in it's own setting screen.

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Does your router support WPA2? If so, here's the fix

My samsung tv was dropping the network password every time i turned power off and i would have to retype it whenever i restarted smart hub. To fix it I...
1) Changed my router to use WPA2 Personal (dont use any special characters in the passcode)
2) Made sure my computers etc could connect to the internet
3) Set up a NEW network in smart hub. aka, instead of choosing my network I manually entered my ssid. To be on the safe side, i also manually entered a static ip, gateway and dns.

TV now holds the network settings and automatically connects when i start smarthub.


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did you ever get your "smart" samsung TV to save the pwd?

I'm having the same issue... great connection no problem... just that every time I turn the TV on I have to go through the whole song and dance setting up the net work connection all over again. No other wireless product in the house has a problem, so I have a hard time blaming the FIOS router.

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I'll try if you will

There have been members that refuse to try it the Cnet Network forum way and for those I suggest they find a tech to come in and fix it. Outside of a few routers the usual setups noted in the Cnet Network forum do cure it. If not it's the TV or the router.

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cNet forum way???

What's this cnet-way? I searched the other thread and never saw anyone post any problem (or solution) having anything to do wiith getting a good connection, but not being able to get the TV to save the password. The problem is entirely with the TV itself in that it simply won't save the password after the set turns off/on again. This isn't a router issue (and every time the password is entered via the TV setup, it works great. the only problem is that when you turn the TV off and on again, the password hasn't been saved, and you have to enter it all over again).

It seems like most of the replies in this thread are by folks who aren't responding to the problem being described in this thread. The problem in this thread isn't a connection problem or a router problem... it's a TV setup-screen problem where the TV simply won't save the settings that are entered after powering off/on again.

I did read in the manual last night that there is a "store demo" mode on these samsung sets that can cause various settings to reset back to factory every time the TV is powered on/off. It didn't make mention of network conections being affected in particular but tonight when I'm back home I'll double check that the set isn't merely in store-demo mode (I'm hoping that the eventual solution turns out to be something this simple).

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It's over in the top of the Cnet Networking Forum.

But for most the router defaults then change to a simple SSID (remember I'm duplicating content without the benefit of seeing your settings to nail down which it could be.) After that we move to WPA2 AES with yet another simple password. Stick to letters and numbers.

Yes, demo/shop mode can be trouble but so is hiding the SSID, WEP and more.

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My TV Model # is UN46D7000LF

Basically it's the 46" screen size of the same 40" TV mentioned in this thread. The software for saving a password in it's network setup page should be the same. And shouldn't be affected by type of router used since the problem being asked about is the TV's issue with not saving a working password upon powering off/on again.

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I had this exact same problem with my Actiontec Verizion Modem/Router and my Smasung D8000 TV. It worked fine, then one day evey time I turned the TV off I had to refind the internet connection and re-enter my WEP password. I reset the modem to factory and reset the TV to factory. Nothing helped. A have a 5 bar signal and 10 other wireless devices ALL connected with no problem!
I even removed all security as a test to see if my smart tv would connect automatically. Nope. Still had to search for and connect to the network -- but with no password. Unacceptable.
There is very little on the web on this issue. One post on a similar issue though said switch from WEP to WPA2 security. I didn't think it would work.
Guess what? IT WORKS. I went into the modem settings on my laptop and set up WPA2 security. I set up the same on my TV and entered the zillion digit password 1 time.
NOW, every time I turn on the TV is automatically connects to my Fios router. No setting up SSID or entering password.
Just wantd to pass this along. Hope it works for you!

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not true

This is incorrect as I have WAP2 and it still does the same thing on my Samsung tv while two laptops, two PS3's, 3 phones and one tablet have zero issues.

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And all those rules about creating the samsung account or it won't save the password.

Sorry, I can only collect the rules as we learn them but can't tell from your post what is off.

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Had the same problem but solved it through this forum

The answer is that SAMSUNG TV does not like WEP it wants a WPA2 . It will work on WEP but will drop it ecery time you log off. If you add WPA it will work.

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Switching to WPA2 did not help

I also have the same problem. I tried switching to WPA2 but the settings are still not being saved. I have a 6600 series LED TV from Samsung.

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One more thing. AES?

I've found that not only WPA2 helps but moving to AES vs TKIP helps.

You're right. Why did they decide on making this such a mess? (this is an industry issue!)

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Changing password helped

What helped me was changing my password. My password had '=' in it. I changed to a number-only password and after that the problem disappeared and my password got saved.

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