Ubunto Linux 64bit

on same desktop with Win 10 32 bit.
Will it work? Which will run the boot master? Will Ubunto need more than 8 GB ram?

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Reporting: Ubunto Linux 64bit
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Re: Ubuntu Linux

Yes, it will work (from the disc or stick, or when correctly installed on the hard disk)
Yes, you get dual boot and can choose which one to use
No, it will run fine with 4GB of RAM.

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Thank You Kees

I'm off to explorer.
One other question; Will my 32 bit Legacy programs work in Ubunto 64 bit or should I stay with 32 bit?

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Tell more.

I've run across folk that have Windows apps that posed that question. Don't leave out detail like that.

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OK. A little more

or all the more.
Win 7 pro 32 upgrade to win 10 32. Lost a couple early XP games. No loss. I have three doss boxed games (Privateer & Righteous Fire, and Stonekeep)
MS Office 2007 and a bunch of new download install editing programs. Most of those can reinstall for 64 bit but not all. Would have to repurchase those.

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Let's keep this simple.

Windows apps runs on Windows. I usually find no issue running Windows 32 bits apps on Windows 64 bit OS.

So in short, if you move to Linux you replace apps or find someone to tell you about WINE and more. I won't be that person. I find most folk are far too demanding on support.

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I am comlicatedly simple

Thanks Mr Proffitt. I always enjoy the knowledge that you so generously impart to me and others.
Thank You you are a big help.

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Now that I'm had time to sleep on it.

I thought of a simpler way to put this. I'll disregard WINE and other gyrations.

Windows apps (programs) run on Windows.
Linux apps run on Linux.

For this discussion I feel it's not a 32 or 64 bit question.

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I know these things

If I had banged my head against the wall first my thinking would have been straight and I would have asked it differently or not at all.
What I was really thinking was that I have heard of Linux running Legacy programs. Maybe through WINE. Don't know. I'll have to check into it.

Again, Thank You

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Maybe I'm missing something

But don't I remember James Denison coaching me on how to run Windows in a VB or VM ?

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Missing something

I don't think so. Me a couple gray matter cells maybe.

I seem to remember the VM, maybe the VB also, a couple years back in a Linux thread or one that migrated there. I'll check them out but if it requires reinstalling Windows I won't. Too much work to do that.


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no reinstall required unless

you mess up. IMO, if you want to dual boot and before you start the install process, it would be best to create a drive image in case something happens. I personally use clonezilla but but there are other good ones. in addition, make sure you have all keys, registration info and whatever else you need in case something major happens. also have a good backup of any files you cannot afford to lose.

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No, it didn't require

reinstalling Windows .
I can say for sure that James was running XP in a VB or VM and had an unopened box of Win 7 to use when the time is right .

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he wanted you to get rid of windows all together Happy

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No, not so much as

teaching me the differences between the two OS's .
I had brought an old Dell 530s back to life as my first experience fixing a comp.
Bob Proffitt helped me with that . I need to work on my Toshiba laptop and didn't want to be without a comp and a friend gave me the Dell as she was going to throw it out. We got everything running right , but Windows Vista was wrecked.

In comes James and schooled me in Linux, he spent months teaching me ,but never really said bad things about Windows but advised me on how much safer Linux is.
So there is where the conversations about VB's and VM''s came into play. James and Bob P. are both great teacher's

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may or may not

linux may or may not run any windows legacy programs through wine, crossover or any similar utilities. IMO, it is too messy and too inconsistent. You can go to their respected websites and see what works and what don't.

I personally run the same programs in windows and linux. libre office, gimp, firefox and others. this way things stay the same. the only programs I run in windows that I dont run in linux is the security programs.

one thing. if you never ran it before, run it from a disk or usb drive. this way you will know whether or not you like it. you might also want to check out the following article

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If your computer is only 32bit then it won't work. You will need a 32bit Linux distro. I would suggest MX-16.1

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You can do this

Yes, you can do it

Install Ubuntu 64bit, Boot loader will be installed autimatically

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