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There are a couple of ways the Speakeasy could be improved.By improved I do not mean to say there is a whole lot wrong with the Speakeasy as it is now. I just think something good can be made better.

1) Create seperate subsections within the Speakeasy to accomodate and reflect the diversity of opinion expressed and subject areas discussed. For example, a Politics sub-section, a religion sub-section and so on.
I like the idea of creating a sub-section for members to debate one on one. I find it tedious to keep running out of thread space in the middle of a debate and have to start new threads or post off of other threads which may or may not be related and/or have to copy/paste the post url of the person with whom you are debating, into your own reply as a way of maintaining continuity.
2)Allow members to edit their posts.
Put an Edit button somewhere in the thread/post box,require the member to "request"an edit by logging back in. Place the time of the edit somewhere in the thread/post box.This second suggestion could be done in all forums here at CNet.

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I like the edit idea but I think there should be rules

such as;
1. A post may be deleted up to the time a reply is received only. Tie goes to the reply post.
2. Corrections afterward would be severly limited such as to correct spelling, punctuation, emphasis, etc. Changing, adding or deleting content would be a disservice to those who have posted replies based on what was originally written.
3. As you said, an edited post would need to be tagged as such. It should also be bumped by marking it as "unread" again.

To me, the ideal way to do this would be to allow a corrected post to be inserted between it and the first reply but could also be done within the original. It would need to include the entire verbage of the original with the new/corrected text clearly visible to show what was changed. This is just a way to display ones integrity.

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why its bad

to be able to delete, lets say i say your a ### and you reply with ###. then i delete my post your stuck looking the fool.
not that you areGrin

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And also.......

The member that used to post, and then say BUT I didn't say that! I think you know to whom I referHappy

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But that's exactly why I would limit deletion

to the last post of a thread or sub-thread. One in between would be off limits with the possible exception spelling/grammar/punctuation errors and would still need to show the original. I doubt anyone but the most persnickety (sp:)) would touch these anyway.

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Jonah you're lucky the criteria for deletion

is not incoherence and vaccuousness. By that standard no one would even know you were a forum member.

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LOL! And you

post with such brilliance! Too funny Happy

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I'd take that as rude but for the happy face

Have you read my posts?
I put a lot of effort and study into the areas related to my posts.These areas are genuine interests of mine.
Besides what is a moderator doing taking sides? I notice you said nothing to Jonah. Even-handedness?

I don't think the happy face is good enough. I would like a little clarification if you don't mind Glenda.

Thank you,

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you want "clarification?"
Besides what is a moderator doing taking sides? I notice you said nothing to Jonah. Even-handedness?

clarify=wipe the egg off your face

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Well Jonah at least they know what's on my face Jonah

the only night of the year you can go out without wearing a costume is Hallowe'en

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Don't hide behind a happy face Glenda

I just realized you are not a moderator.
I'd like very much to know exactly what you define as brilliant. It's all too easy to sit and snipe from the sidelines. Are you prepared to back this insult of yours up with an example of my "non-brilliance" (The exchange with Jonah excepted,of course).
I'll be interested to see whether you are more than a sideline sniper.

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suggestion 2=bad idea

it is, unfortunately, a habit adopted by "certain elements" to post rude/obnoxious comments, the "edit" that you wish has been used on other forums to "troll", i.e, poster A makes a comment, knowing that poster B is online, waits 5 minutes and then "regrets..his actions and edits out the insult....

*this is not to imply that you would even consider such an action, i merely bring it to your attention*


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Uh, Jonah, I stand by my posts-All of them

The only reason some of my posts to you have been deleted is because the mods chose to do so. They were deleted through no action of mine I can asssure you.
If you you don't want to be ridiculed then don't sling the mud.

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If its one on one debate you want

Some members have their "email this member" feature enabled and you can contact them that way to initiate such. Otherwise, there's no need to change a community forum to accomodate something for which this discussion board is neither designed nor intended for.

As for subtopic forums, Speakeasy is THE subtopic forum. We just lump them all together. Although threads meander and spring up new subjects, most tend to track the subject of the initiating thread. Generally the subject title of the initial thread tells the subject matter -- ignore those you are not interested in. Those that get long despite your ignoring them might peak your interest to take a peek.

Editing posts would be the most ridiculous thing TPTB could do here at CNet. It's bad enough the moderators (volunteer I might add) have to be around 24/7 to clean up the mess some make. You have the opportunity to Edit after you Preview your post -- the button is right there to the left of the "Post" button. If you find yourself posting irrationally or too impulsively, leave the Preview window open, step away from the computer, and wait an hour or so before re-reading and making the final decision to post.

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Ah yes it wouldn't be Evie without the vague tinge

of condescension.Yes,thank you Evie, I know the "Edit" button is there to the left of the "Post" button.
Posting irrationally or compulsively is just one of many reasons someone may wish to edit their post. You don't have to be experiemcing some mental issue(s) as a prerequisite to wanting to rework your post.
Do you have trouble maintaining your rationality now and then Evie?
You are reading something into my suggestion that I guess is the product of your own self-awareness.
By Edit I meant, for example, you could go back and add missing words or sentences or delete redundant or fragmentary phrase and sentences. You might find some info that you did not have before you posted and want insert it into the body of your post somewhere.

---Otherwise, there's no need to change a community forum to accomodate something for which this discussion board is neither designed nor intended for.---
Well that's my point isn't it. Right now the board is not designed for it. But it could be redesigned in some way for it. It's called change, innovation etc. It does happen Evie.

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Neither possible within limitations of the software, E2

In particular, editing is "all or nothing;" Lee is the only one with edit powers.

-- Dave K, SE Moderator

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Yes. I see Dave.

Perhaps at some point CNet can upgrade or modfy their software to include these features.


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A suggestion for self editing

Using a word editor gives me a chance to review and edit before posting.

What works best for me..... I use OE, so I bring up a new message, type my content, then edit (and spell check), then copy and paste it on the board.

This has the added bonuses of not losing what one has to post (especially longer ones) , and a little time to reflect on the content (and sometimes cool off!) before posting.


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Locking down this thread...

I would like to say that:

There are no future plans for users to have the ability to edit or delete their post. What has been posted in the forums is history and there is no changing history to avoid reader/participant confusion.

If any of you cannot post anything constructive within these forums, please don't post at all.
Personal attacks are not welcomed here.


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