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Two routers same ip can't access page of one router

Mar 23, 2016 8:56PM PDT

I am Joseph From India
I know nothing about computers
I have a digisol DG-BG1000 ADSL ethernet broadband router which is connected to my computer(local) and it works fine (ip I have another router(wifi) so I can access my mob and laptop the router is iball baton 150M wireless-N broadband router it also works fine (same ip I can't access the iball settings page I can access the digisol page only I contacted my isp (bsnl) they said it wasn't their duty
I then contacted the provider of the two routers who came and worked but still didn't figure out the same ip issue
Now I have to take the issues on my own hand I need a solution fast
Please help me

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Clarification Request
Between my answer and Grif's, I see a need to clarify
Mar 26, 2016 2:50AM PDT

something. What I am envisioning is that your primary router is the one that's wired and you're wanting to use the wireless router as a WAP (wireless access point) You would be plugging one of the LAN ports of the wired router into a LAN port of the wireless in order to do this. While it is possible to use the DHCP function in both if the ranges were appropriately adjusted, it's better to disable DHCP in one of them so you'd disable DHCP in the wireless router. I'll also presume the addresses you gave are manufacturer defaults. You cannot have both of these on the same network and access their web interfaces. You end up with network conflicts. You could only access the web interface of the router that was enabled first. This is why I suggested disconnecting one and changing it to another address. In that way, you could access the settings of both by using the appropriate address but you would do this one at a time. Am I correct in that which I presume you want to accomplish?

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Do I understand correctly that both are on the same network?
Mar 24, 2016 12:03PM PDT

You cannot have two devices with the same address on one network. You also should not have two routers on the same network if both can act as DHCP servers. What you'd need to do is decide which router will be the DHCP server first. You can leave the address at You should adjust the DHCP range to allow some fixed addresses. Next, you disconnect that router and connect the other. You enter the configuration of that router and change its address to something not in the DHCP range of the other. For simplicities sake, why not exclude in the primary router and use that address in the other?

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The IP Address Is Fine For Both Routers On Separate Networks
Mar 25, 2016 4:01PM PDT it's something you don't need to change. Still, it's important to make sure both routers have different broadcast names (SSID), if they both have wireless capability.

In order to access those settings, many routers have a security feature which prevents wireless access to their settings. As such, you may need to unplug the ethernet cable from your other router, then plug it into the router you want to use wirelessly. Once plugged in, you can use the wireless IP address in a browser to access the router settings. Change the settings they way you want them, making sure the SSID is a different name for each router, create a new admin username and password to access those settings, , then create a wireless access passphrase, then you're set to go.

Remember though, as Steven mentioned earlier, it's always best to unplug the ethernet cable to the first router, BEFORE connecting wirelessly to the other router.

Hope this helps.


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Mar 30, 2016 4:20PM PDT

change 1 router to

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Change the default IP of Iball router
Oct 9, 2016 2:06AM PDT

As both the router are having the same IP address that's why you are net getting access to IBall router. First turn off (Unplug the D-Link ethernet cable attached to Iball router) the D-Link router then login to Iball modem with IP Then go to LAN setting of Iball router and change the IP to and save the settings. Now turn on D-link router try login to Iball router with the new IP address.