I found there is a ton of sites addressing these two error/problems however it seems none of them applied to mine and none of their solutions solved either one. Since others may encounter the same problem I'll tell what I eventually found out and did. At least to the best of my ability.

Apparently the ISP CD and the software I downloaded from the ISP web site both DID began the install, I found the files in the Temp folder under Docs and Settings, I just wasn't ever presented with an install progress window of any kind. That may have been why I got the Script error (that in place of the progress window for the install). When I took the CD out of the tray there was an unfinished install, which I didn't reallize, so when I ran a scan of any kind and it got to those files a window was sent up asking for the CD.

What I did: I deleted everything in the Temp folder and just set up the connection to the new ISP manually! LOL Both problems are now gone. I hate those ISP CDs and the garbage they put on your PC anyway. They always tell you that you HAVE to use the CD but you don't. I got the connection and email set up without the CD.

Happy Grin