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TV won't turn on

Nov 22, 2008 4:21AM PST

I have the Samsung FP-T5084 50" Plasma tv. I went to turn it on the other day, and it wouldn't turn on. No clicking. No red power indicator light. Nothing. It was plugged into a power strip with other components, and they all work fine. I unplugged it for a while and then plugged it into a different outlet on the power bar, but it still won't turn on.

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Reporting: TV won't turn on
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Oct 25, 2011 10:20AM PDT

Try the service thread here:

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Samsung issued a recall for this issue
Oct 24, 2011 4:24AM PDT

My 2009 Samsung HDTV stopped going on, but it isn't quite the same as the issue that started this thread. When I called Samsung, they indicated there is a recall for bad capacitor in the 'A' model TV's from 2008, but it doesn't cover my TV which is a 'B' model from 2009 (model code LN40B620N1F). I don't get the clicking noise or flashing red light. Instead, the red light just goes out when I use the remote power and doesn't come back on again. Using the TV power button, the red light doesn't even go out, however I cannot use the remote subsequently either. Could this still be bad capacitors on the power board, just Samsung changed the software to detect the issue and make it silent?

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LN40B620N1F fix
Dec 18, 2011 11:42AM PST

I changed the power board, but it did not change anything. Then I put the original power board back in and changed the signal board instead. TV has been working normally ever since. I did find a company that says it knows how to rebuild the signal board, but it cost more than the eBay seller who sold me the signal board from a TV with a cracked screen, so I didn't bother with that.

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Samsung Series 3/330 HD LCD TV 32 ON/OFF remote and TV switc
Oct 25, 2011 2:52AM PDT

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">When our TV would not turn on, even if plugged in just by itself, I went online.

In my search to see what was the matter, I found this Forum.

I was stunned of so many customers with the exact same problem without proper Samsung response. It was reported by many that the issue was 'the blown Capacitors'.

I called Samsung and they read me their generic statement which basically said that the Company was not responsible and that my tv problem was attributed to the 'normal wear and tear'. The best I was offered was a $120 repair, I would also have to pay for the one way shipment cost. I said I would consider their offer.

Before closing, I requested to leave a complaint and specifically asked if I may do so. I was reassured that I could and that my complaint would be taken down by the same person.

In the complaint I enumerated several points: I do not recall the order exactly, but in it I tried to address these specific points. I mentioned that I considered it disrespectful on the part of the company to 'insult my intelligence' with their broad-sweeping statement that it was not their fault, in light of so many internet complaint about the exact same ON/OFF problems with the same new tv's. I mentioned that there were clearly many customers (I estimate in the 100's). I mentioned that charging anything to repair this problem is unjust and irresponsible. Or, sweeping everyone with the same generic statement, in light of the fact that my 3y.o. tv just sat in the tv room and was not often watched. And that I'm displeased with the overall company performance in the field. That if they believed that these breakdowns in the relatively new tv's were all attributed to the 'normal wear and tear' they must have a really low level of confidence in their product.

Afterwards, I asked if my complaint was recorded and if it will be transferred to the appropriate chain of command, and was reassured that it was in fact so. Leaving the phone, I realized that the 'prepared' generic 'no-fault' company statement, meant that Samsung was in fact keenly aware of the ON/OFF issue with their tv's, but refused to take the responsibility for their faulty wiring.

Minutes later, I decided to call back the same customer relations number. I wanted to update the complaint letter by adding that if I did not hear of Samsung taking their responsibility within several days I would strongly consider sending a memo to the US Dep. of Consumer Affairs. Additionally, I wanted to have my former complaint read to me, to see how it sounded and to ask for an update on its status.

In response I was read something to the effect: 'The customer refuses to pay $120'.

I asked if that was all that was noted in my complaint and was told, Yes. Upon which time I said that that was not my complaint, in response, I was 'escalated' to the higher authority. Upon which time I was apologized to and was able to 'rerecord' my complaint. I was then asked if I wished to call back to hear back my complaint, but I had no stomach to play their game any further. I asked that Samsung simply do what was responsible and either replace my TV or not charge for repairs, the only two options I would consider Just on their part.

I was told that I would be reached within 24 hours. I was reached by Samsung's Executive Customer Relations division. I was politely informed that Samsung will neither replace the tv or repair it without charge.

To date I've received no written apology from Samsung Corporation for lying to me in the first place.

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Oct 25, 2011 4:11AM PDT

Top of this forum has a new system in place. Look for the "SERVICE ISSUES" post.

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Samsung Series 3/330 HD LCD TV 32 ON/OFF remote and TV switc
Oct 25, 2011 10:19AM PDT


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easy repair
Oct 26, 2011 10:11AM PDT

take the back of your tv off...a lot off screws etc and remove the power board. replace all the capacitors that are popped up. You can tell the difference by looking at them. I replaced maybe 4 or 6, with a larger capacitor and never had a problem again. You'll also need to replace the 2 ceramic fues on the power board too. I replaced one with a circuit breaker... This was an easy fix...a moron can do it. Got a bunch of fuses on ebay and got the capacitors from digi key .... probably about $20 all together

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Here's a video that might help
Jan 4, 2012 9:21AM PST
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The capacitors are not "worn out."
Jan 4, 2012 9:42AM PST

This continues to be the disaster caused by theft of a formula and a company the produced millions of faulty capacitors.

The fallout is a few million dead PCs and now has spread to TVs, starter circuits on motors, and many more systems. It's a bit of a shock that no government has called this a crisis.

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Jan 4, 2012 11:46AM PST


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The little bulge is a failure.
Jan 4, 2012 1:31PM PST

Good to read you did your research but I must write that Samsung has been running around replacing these.

And the other thing. It's an epidemic with some millions of dead PCs and more.

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Samsung running around.
Jan 5, 2012 11:33AM PST

I am sure they are running around for the set that is still under warranty. But unfortunately when my fuse blew it was one month before the warranty ran out. So we took it off the wall and found the blown fuse and replaced it. Then one year to the day and 11 months after the warranty it died. Best guess it was going to cost me $150 for the local repair facility to pick up and deliver + $80 diagnostic fee which would have been applied to the repair. So I opt to by a new Panasonic and put the Samsung in the garage and work on it my self. Happily for $7.10 and four weeks, took me awhile to get to it, and one week for parts to arrive. So now I have a 50 plazma for my garage, over kill.
Thanks to this board and videos it was a snap, as long as you plug all the cords back in.........

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The story is much longer. Sorry but I'll try again.
Jan 5, 2012 11:59AM PST

If you have been following this story, sets under a certain size don't get a free house call but still are repaired for free if it's the bad cap issue. SO FAR. This seems to upset the folk with sets under that size limit.

I have yet to see that diagnostic fee from Samsung unless the issue is not the bad caps. Something is a miss with that and it's time to use the SERVICE ISSUES at the top of this forum.

Your 50 inch, AFAIK was inside the line and it's a shame something went wonky with service. But it happens and at least you got it done.

What I don't understand is the blown fuze issue. I never fix a machine inside the warranty. You might have an entirely different story if you has let Samsung deal with the blown fuze.

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I understand, I think.
Jan 6, 2012 11:17AM PST

Problem was I was impatient and it, blown fuse, happened on a Friday evening before a good football weekend. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I got help to get the set onto the floor and I opened it up and found the blown fuse. So I replaced it and it worked just fine for another year. So if I had waited for Samsung to get some one out here to replace a blown fuse I MAY have had to wait until the following week. Being it was a blown fuse I took it upon my self to replace it and move on.

So for now it is all water under the bridge and I have a 50" Plazma setting is a box that my new Panasonic came in out in my garage. At this point not sure what I will do with it other than kiss $1700 dollars out the door and watch my $800 new TV.

Thanks to you and all the other people that this board may have helped along the way.

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Samsung is fixing this
Apr 20, 2012 7:44PM PDT

I called their toll free number. An hour later a local service tech called. The next morning a tech showed up, replaced the power supply module with a rebuilt one and was gone in 20 minutes. No charge.
All this within 24 hours.

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Samsung Sucks 3 times
Aug 28, 2012 11:00AM PDT

I have the same plasma FPT-5084. I purchased the tv 2 years ago. The power source died first after 9 months. was told it was a feak occurence and was still covered under warranty. No biggie, Right? Until it happened again 6 months later during sunday football. Waited a week for the service tech to fix the same problem and this time out of warranty and charged $450. And like clockwork it has been 6 months since it was repaired (HAHAHA) and the piece of junk died again. It doesnt matter how many times you change the power source, the capacitors, or the fuse. The tv is made incorrectly and the issue will happen again. The crackling has been a precursor for the power supply failing every time. I also have been nice, pleaded, and been an Ahole to Samsung with the same response. There is nothing I can do for this transaction # have a nice day and go F yourself. This is not the response I expect from a repuatble company. Which lets me know Samsung is not one. I dont care where or how they get there components. once they put them in there tvs and throw there badge on it and sell it to me, they are responsible. WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER SAMSUNG PRODUCT AGAIN!!!! If for nothing else there lack of responsibility.

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Re: Poor experience
Aug 29, 2012 12:06AM PDT


I apologize for your experience thus far. If you could post your transaction #, I'd like to see if we can investigate this issue for you.

HD Tech

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no power no LED light, nothing
Dec 8, 2012 11:46PM PST

mine does not even light up ( the power indicator LED) no clicking noise , nothing, it was working and then suddenly stopped and nothing happens, i have changed the fuse, tried different power lead, capacitors look fine, cant tell wether the T6.3H fuse has gone but i have ordered a replacement anyway , what is going on? will a new power board sort this? i can get one but ide rather not have to fork out £39.99 for a replacement, i have contacted samsung support but yet to recieve a reply

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Just a tip.
Dec 9, 2012 2:10AM PST

Don't post under old discussions as your question may not be found.

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Dec 9, 2012 2:50AM PST


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TV won't turn on
Nov 17, 2012 11:04AM PST

This is something I had my mom do with her tv that wouldn't come on but the lights blinked.
Unplug and disconnect anything that is hooked to tv, unplug it from cable box, plug tv in wall
socket, wait a few minutes and
1. unplug tv for 10 seconds and plug back in socket.
2. press down the menu then volume down button, hold at same time for 3 seconds(on tv not the remote)
3. while holding menu/volume press power and tv should come on.
You may then plug it back in cable box or hook components back up.

I hope this works for you, its like resetting tv. It would be bad if alot of people are spending money on these
lcd's when its nothing really wrong except that it needs resetting. I'm pretty sure the repair man isn't gonna tell
you this when he comes out, he'll just charge you lots of money for something he didn't fix.

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Possible solution - worked for me
Nov 21, 2015 3:25AM PST

My samsung smart tv at 18 months old, had a problem this morning. I clicked standby on the remote to switch it off. 30 minutes later it wouldn't switch back on. Checked all the usual, power cable, connections etc. When I pressed the power button on the remote the red light flashes on the to so I know it was receiving the signal. Thank God for the Internet! After a little searching I thought about a reset and found this gem of information. From your remote unit. In sequence press the following:
Mute 1 8 2 Power. The tv should switch off into standby and you will have a solid red light on the tv. I waited a minute, hit standby again and the tv switched on as normal. Hope this works for you as simply as it did for me. Have a great day.

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