TV Recommendation for hooking up to PC (gaming & movies)

Hello everyone. I have been looking for a TV to connect to my desktop PC in my living room. I do everything on PC - video games, web browsing, TV series, Movies etc. So what I am looking for:

- price should be at most $1000
- 4K resolution for it to be future proof - I believe 4K content will be properly available in the near future
- Screen size should be between 40"-50" (preferably 43"-48"). On my current setup with my 40" TV (samsung le40A553p4rxxh)
- I do not care for extras like Smart TV, Os, Apps, wi-fi, satellite receiver, video player, USB slots etc. They are all trash/gimmicks for me as I will have my PC hooked up to it 24/7. I do not care about 3D or curved screen either. I don't care about sound quality because I have a 5.1 system.
- Angle of view - I will be sitting directly in front of the TV. It doesn't matter if it looks bad from a 45 degree angle. My room is also dark (the TV is the only source of light Silly)

So basically from what I am understanding, I should be looking for low response time, low input lag for gaming. The problem is, I do not know how to do that. The real problem is probably where I live - Turkey. Models here are very limited, and for some reason when I search the model names I see on stores, I can barely find out anything about it... Oh, and trying to find the top rated TVs listed on review sites like Cnet or Rtings in Turkey...pffftt...

I was suggested the LG 49UF6807 model by a salesman, but apparently he was completely clueless about TVs in general. Rtings states the 6800 models are especially bad for gaming for example.

I have found a place that sells Samsung UE-48JU6470 LED which seems ok in reviews, but I found the review of the JU6410 here (I do not know what the difference between the number 7-1 means)
They say that its input lag is very low in gaming mode, so it's great for gamers, but then they say it has a very high response time (17 ms) and a lot of motion blur ??? :/

It seems like there is absolutely no one well informed in my country who show me the way on selecting the TV that ı am looking for. I would appreciate any help/suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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Clarification Request
Price and specs your limiting factors

Understand, you simply won't be finding the same selection of HDTVs in Turkey that you would elsewhere. Definitely not for only $1K, and quality 4K rigs. Regarding the Samsung UE-48JU6470, you simply won't be seeing many reviews here for a model not sold in North American, unfortunately. It's important though not to use a review of a similarly numbered model as your litmus test. Sometimes they can be quite different. YMMV.

Your best bet would be to heed Bob's advice and stick with 1080p for now. That should get your closer to your desire to stay under $1K and have a low lag w/ excellent PQ. I suggest perusing AVS forum to see if anyone there can recommend something viable based on the availability of models in your region.

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Thanks for the suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions. I really wished I could get a budget 4K that costs less not due to inferior quality, but size and skipping extras like 3D, Curved Screen, OS etc. As I have said, the reason why I wanted a 4K was mainly for it to be future proof, i.e. I won't feel bad that I can't watch 4K Movies, TV series in a couple years. But if it's not possible, I will go with a 1080p.

I would like to ask, is there an easier way to figure out the input lag and response time of TVs ı check at the store. It's very strange that they aren't listed in the technical specs on the box/manual. It's really annoying to try to find a source online to get the information, and how does one know how reliable it is?

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Still no good way to measure lag time like other specs

Lack of standardization/measuring stick. That's at least one reason why you won't see it listed, in addition to the fact that the vast majority of the marketplace could give two hoots about it Wink

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Very few game at 4K. I think I know why.
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"Future proof"

Thanks for the reply. Sorry for being unclear about the reason for aiming at getting a 4K TV. I know that I can't run games properly at 4K TODAY (I have a single Gig G1 gtx970, and was planning to go SLI until the 3.5 + 0.5 GB VRAM fiasco came out). I said I aimed it to be future proof, as in in 2-3 years I might have the setup to run games, but mostly to watch 4K content (TV series/Movies). I do not believe its a good time to be buying a 1080p monitor if soon (a couple years) 4K will REALLY be a must. You disagree about this?

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I partially disagree

For now, you best bet economically is to stick with a 1080p rig. You will get better PQ at a better price than any 4K unit under $1K. In a few years the sub-$1K 4K HDTVs will provide better PQ (and for less $$).

I believe you are jumping the gun a little regarding 4K being a *must* in 2-3 yrs. We really aren't there yet, and the marketplace has a ways to go for this particular adoption. You can use the law of diminishing returns/average screen size/seating distance required as decent yardsticks in understanding that for now, it's still 1080p that's bang for the buck.

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I didn't write about this 4K issue.

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