TuneUpMyMac a fraud? Malware? Help!

CNET offers a "free" download called TuneUPMyMac. It claims to have a "5-Star" review from CNET. It is neither free nor legitimate. Once installed, it can only be activated with a credit card. You are unable to quit out of the program, or even force quit. It keeps requiring a credit card. I had to use the Mac Activity Monitor to stop the process. In their activation window they show a phone number that leads to a different company called SysTweak. SysTweak claims to have no knowledge of TuneUpMyMac. (Try calling 800-963-9334 and see what they say.) But that phone number is actually built into software interface!
This reeks of a scam, and I have no idea what I have actually downloaded to my computer, or what it will do. I have attempted to uninstall it by simply dragging it to the trash, but can't seem to locate any files beyond the basic app, and you know there are more.
Help! I am disturbed enough to join CNET and find my way through the labyrinth of barriers just to contact real people with my concern.

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Reporting: TuneUpMyMac a fraud? Malware? Help!
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So why are you ...

not checking with the PUBLISHER at

Their site is quite clear that it is not freeware (just a "free download" which means you don't have to spend any money until you want to use it) and that it has limited functionality until paid for.

Systweak is a parent of tuneupmymac and does offer support

Like any "optimizer" you, the end user, needs to have some knowledge of what you are allowing the utility to do as there is no way for anyone to write the perfect application that takes into account EVERY POSSIBLE combination of installed applications and utilities as well as customizations.

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Re: So why are you ...

So, given that you're so knowledgeable about tuneupmymac, why didn't you answer or even attempt to justify the absence of a simple uninstall (or even a simple "quit"). You can rationalize all you want, but the program is clearly, intentionally, designed to make it as attractive as possible and then as difficult as possible for people who bite to get rid of it without spending money. Yes, it can be done, but to try to put the onus on the user, and the responsibility for those who have trouble, is beyond disingenuous, it's both a scam and full of fraudulent statements, compounded nicely by those in your message.

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This is straight up MALWARE

Even the uninstall hidden under help doesn't uninstall - next time you fire up your computer, it'll be back.'

CNET is obviously a distributer of MALWARE! ***?

To uninstall:
go to System Preference > Accounts > Login Items tab. Click the item and then the minus sign at the bottom.

Then, open a terminal and type:
locate tuneupmymac

then, type:
sudo rm -f <the full path of the output of the locate command here>

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Are you ok?

Clearly you work for the company. This app or whatever you want to call it pops up on my desktop every single time I restart my computer. I have no doubt that it is fraud but also have no clue how to get rid of it. Any suggestions?

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this program is fraud, i have an add on called WOT and it has a very poor rating

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UNINSTALL TuneUpMyMac Unethical Business Practices
To uninstall TuneUpMyMac, open it, select HELP and UNINSTALL. My bad... On my PC, It also installed an app re: clean up of double IPHOTOs I also removed.

This companies business practice are UNETHICAL. They prey on PC users and want to get you so frustrated that you pay them to get out of the loop. I would not advise downloading TuneUpMyMac unless you intend to buy it. I know nothing of the softwares value, BUT I never get involved with businesses who try to trick me.
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It's a 8/5/12 post!

Note: It takes years for an IT person to be really competent in computer repair and maintenance. Why would a program ever replace that competence or be as trustworthy?

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TuneUPMyMac is a total FRAUD@@@!!!!!!

TuneUPMyMac is a fraud. After downloading the application, I ran it and it showed up "issues". To clean up the "issues", one has to subscribe. I checked the price, and was quitting the screen, when it offered a special promo discount for 15 days. It showed that the payment was through "avangate" and charged me $19.90 on my card, and the screen froze after that. My card has been charged for the amount. I have written to them in the "send feedback " but have received no response.

The concerning part of the whole matter is that CNET appears to have certified them as OK.

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I have now received the key. valid for one year.

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Hang on to it, because they don't keep good records at TUMM,

I bought it 6 months ago thinking it was MacTuneup, which I had owned a couple years before and found it to be tedious and exagerative about it's usefulness, but then my Mac died and I went to transfer it from my backed up drive and the key is illusive and they have NO Record Of ME, and ask for the following;
I'm afraid I'm unable to locate your record(s). Please send us the following information to verify your account:

1. Order number of the product.

2. Name of the website or exact URL of the website from where you purchased this product.

3. Name of the seller/merchant on your credit card statement.

4. Email address you used at the time of purchase.

Once I have this information I will be in a better position to provide you the resolution.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Preeti Seth
TuneupMyMac Team

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so how do you delete it?

so how do you delete it? on a OSX 2.9 GHz Intel core i7 because it opens every time i open my mac and i can't get it to stop and every time i close the thing using the button on the top it asks me for money Angry

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This thread is 432 days old! Because of that, you're very lucky notification happened for you.

Well, here's WOT rating of this site here:

Take the time to read the WOT members review of this site.

With that info alone, you might not have bothered to visit, let alone download the software.

WOT (Web Of Trust) here:

As for removing it, try these options listed on Google here:

Tip here is, always go directly to the software vendor's site to get what you (think) you need. Don't bother with c|net
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I UNINSTALLED... Thank you Everyone!

I downloaded this program and when it asked for me to pay, I immediately went to check reviews and found this site. Exactly what everyone said here is what happened so I uninstalled it right away. I did FORCE QUIT and then TRASHED it from my Application. It's always wonderful to read people's experience and I do listen.
Thank you everyone for your honest posts. At least I didn't get duped.

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I finally Uninstalled this bothering app : tuneupmymac

I was very close to pay for the application. It seems to be appealing. Before buying it, I browsed about this application and I found this forum with this valuable information.

I decided to remove it from my Mac. I tried and tried ... finally, in the bar-menu of the application > Help > Uninstall icon was found. I pushed and it was removed.

Thank for warnings which pushed me to decide not to buy the application which has no ethics as many of you just mentioned above.


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I really should have read this first

but I didn't and ended up with tuneupmymac on my machine, for a very short time thanks to the tips I found here. If anyone else comes across this, here's what I found. Quit the application no matter how much it protests. Oh, and do this after going to accounts and making it disappear. That really makes it mad. After quitting, start it again. That will make the uninstall appear under HELP. The end and never again.

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No Uninstall Option

Everyone is mentioning an uninstall TuneupMyMac tab in the help file. It is not there on mine. All I have is a search window and Tuneupmymac Help tab, which, if I click that tells me to click the Uninstall tab that ISN"T THERE! This is maddening. Any other suggestions?


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These bad folk are

Well removing the uninstall in some attempt to put more hurdles to keep their fine app installed.

Try the old fashioned manual removal as well as REVO UNINSTALLER (there is a free version at their site.)

PS. "This thread is more than 872 days old. It is very likely that it does not need any further discussion and replying to it will serve no purpose. However, if you feel it is necessary to make a new reply, you can still do so."

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Systweak the real villain

The second post in this thread indicates Systweak is the parent company of tuneupmymac. I didn't check this independently, but this morning I had an unfortunate experience with Systweak. My WinZip Systems Utilities suite refused to optimize because a pop-up claimed I had not paid the annual fee. In fact, I had. So I called the phone number for Winzip, which was included on the program's main menu, and I was connected to what turned out to be Systweak. I gave the tech control of my computer (I will never do this again!) and he determined that it was full of errors. I assume he ran "scareware" that shows all kinds of phony errors to scare you into purchasing an expensive fix, which was the pitch here. It even showed my passwords, which did in fact scare me. I refused to buy Systweak's product, "PC Diagnostics Pro," ran my two security programs (they came up clean), and am busy changing my passwords. I advise never doing business with anything associated with Systweak.

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