Tuner suddenly rejects just one channel

The kitchen TV which is connected to a central roof antenna has suddenly refused to tune in channel 23. There are 4 other televisions around the house that are all connected to the same antenna and have no problems receiving the station. We are a non pay TV household. This particular TV is on the kitchen counter and until a week ago, was receiving every channel, including 23 without issue.

I tried unplugging everything, waiting a minute and reconnecting everything (the antenna cable and the power is "everything") which results in every available DTV channel except 23 (23-1) being memorized.

If I try to set the channel manually, it goes to 24.

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Reporting: Tuner suddenly rejects just one channel
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for some reason

that channel signal is too weak for that TV to pick up, that's why it won't stay on it and goes to the next channel. A possible other reason is someone has used parental software on the TV to block you from viewing that channel. Supper been coming in later than a spouse expects and and spouse blames watching the TV while cooking being the cause? Have a joker around the house that likes playing games with the V chip?

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Here my continuing fix is a bigger antenna.

Since the antenna is shared very odd things can happen or the TV station is at reduced power, and a dozen other reasons. Today folk demand that OTA work as good on one TV as the next. I can't explain why folk think that.

Bigger antenna is my continued answer and fix.

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LOL, I guess we'll never find out

so many don't come back on a thread.

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I understand.

I really do. There are a lot of folk that never lived with old OTA days of standard (ratty) definition and antennas up on the roof. So we have a generation used to cable TV (as good and bad as that can be) so now they expect a lot from those 20 buck antennas.

I'm sure you're running into them more and more.

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Hey! I havent left!

Jeez guys. Its only been 4 days. Happy.

I am 48 so I remember all too well fighting rabbit ears to tune in WPIX 11 on a tiny little black and white TV on Saturday so I could watch a squiggly Costello run away from the mummy.

I do indeed have a smaller antenna than the original Radio Shack 12 footer I was using last year.

Why would this smaller antenna work perfectly well for 12 months and suddenly start having problems on only one TV?

As I write this, I have also lost channel 6. Again only on this one TV. Channel 23 and 6 are doing great on the other monitors. The system is technically only being asked to supply a Tivo and thia one other TV. Granted the Tivo has 4 tuners, so maybe we are looking at 5 tuners instead of 2?

But agian, why would it work perfectly for months and then crap out?

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Why would this smaller antenna work perfectly well for 12 months and suddenly start having problems on only one TV?

New interference in the area. New celltower, new power lines nearby, somebody's wifi in home maybe interfering (new router?), squirrel bunking for winter in the wall or attic likes to gnaw the cable, could be anything.

Connect the TV onto one of the outlets that you know works for the other TV's and see if everything is OK then. If so, then track back the problem cable, look for grounding, breaks in it, etc.
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Thanks guys.

It was (as always) a dumb mistake. It seems someone started futzing with the menu settings. When i took it to the other antenna input and it still kept rejecting those two (very powerful in this area) channels I knew it had to be either a tuner issue or more likely a "houskeeper finger issue" on the remote. I went deep into the menu and found that it had indeed been messed around with. "What does this do?"

A full reset to default set everythjng right. I know its engineering 101 but sometimes one just forgets to "checknif it's plugged in" as it were.

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