My first thought is that there must be some clause that forbids such. The logic behind that is since ''Listen'' offers a download service where you have to purchase a song in order to keep it on your hard drive, they wouldn't let you simply record songs through your sound card that are being played for free. (I'm assuming your using the free Rhapsody 25 deal.) In scanning the Terms of Service, one passage stuck out:

''You agree not to (i) reproduce, record, retransmit, distribute, disseminate, sell, rent, broadcast or circulate the Application or any content received through the Application or any Service (including music content) to any third party, (ii) exploit any such content or the Application for commercial purposes without the express prior written consent of Listen, or (iii) to share your password with any third party. You may not make any unauthorized copies of the Application or any content obtained through the Services.''

It's not very clear (poorly worded, IMO), but I understand ''You agree not to: ... record...'' to mean you cannot record the music streaming to your computer. However, since the pargraph speaks primarily of distributing the music and involvement with third-parties, others may interpret that to mean you can't record it for distribution. Thus, there's a little grey area there that's open for interpretation.

In any case, you can click here for the Tunebite support page. Specifically, scroll almost to the bottom for the item titled ''Tunebite has recorded but all my songs are silent!'' should answer your quastion on how to record sound being played through your speakers. Just remember not to use the program to violate any laws or Terms of Service.

Hope this helps,