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Trump! Mueller! Putin! Maybe someone can splain.

22 months,

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Clarification Request
Do they have stupidphones???

In reply to: Trump! Mueller! Putin! Maybe someone can splain.

Back to our story.
22 months, first-rate investigation, looking for evidence that an American President colluded with the head of a foreign, hostile government for help in defeating his election opponent.
IMO a major breach of Nice Guy.
The result? NO collusion*. That's good news for patriotic, law abiding Americans, right?
Yet, poking around the news outlets I sense a feeling that it's bad news for most.
Aren't you people ever happy?

* Foolishness, yes; collusion, no.

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You don't understand

In reply to: Do they have stupidphones???

In politics, it works this way

If I win the election, I deserve it.
If I lose, you must have cheated.
It's just that simple.

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(NT) Well, it's your system.

In reply to: You don't understand

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If it's OUR system and not yours

In reply to: Well, it's your system.

then why would you be worried about it enough to need an 'splanation'?

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Not at all worried. just astonished anew.

In reply to: If it's OUR system and not yours

Bob's got it right.
He sees, but doesn't act on what he sees.
You don't see at all.
Time to put this out, so I might as well do it here. You have lots of followers. You can count it as torture if you like. And you do.

On the proper date each year we commemorate the act that put our leader in charge of the government soon to be earthwide. That government won't need sanctuary cities, or anti-terrorist squads, or the CDC, or ... Well, you get the idea by now. Nice prospect, isn't it?
Good thing to remember, especially as we're commanded to do it. 1 Cor 11:23-26.
No money plates will be passed. Whole thing takes maybe 45 minutes. You won't be locked in. Bring Bible; you'll feel naked without.
Jw.org has places and times for your Zip Code or arrondissement or whatever. Worldwide, after sunset. (Jewish calendar.) Hope to see you there.

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(NT) Thank you for your time, Toni.

In reply to: Not at all worried. just astonished anew.

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Bob has it partially right....but he's

In reply to: Not at all worried. just astonished anew.

come to the wrong summary for an opinion.

"The loser does whatever they can to block the winner from getting anything done.
The loser does whatever they can to paint the winner in a bad light.
This is all done in an effort to make sure the winner is not a winner again."

Bob's conclusion is "Seems like a dumb way to run a business."

Since the government is NOT run as a business by establishment figure heads (although it SHOULD be) ALL the loser is interested in is destroying the winner. In a real business situation, you don't destroy your competition, you find ways to improve your product/service in order to increase your customer baseline and outshine the competition. Then it's up to the competition to devise their own 'better mousetrap'. THAT'S how businesses succeed or fail.....

Name me ONE piece of constructive or even CRAP legislation the House has done in their first 100 days that has benefited the country or even the people who elected them to lead that piece of government again. I don't understand how they can look the cameras straight on and accept their paychecks.

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House passed a res to keep the Don

In reply to: Bob has it partially right....but he's

From bypassing congress to get money to fulfill a campaign promise.

Better mousetrap....that's what Bernie and AOC want to do.

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In reply to: House passed a res to keep the Don

Build a better killing device? Well....maybe you're onto something that's either accurate or prophetic.

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Mousetrap was taken from Toni's post

In reply to: Really???

I suppose it's shorthand for any number of things you want to do.

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Chill, baby.

In reply to: Really???

It's a proverbial phrase. Can't be misunderstood.

Except on SE. Happy

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And it's a useless piece of nothing

In reply to: House passed a res to keep the Don

Like I said...show me ONE thing they have done since they got power back that HELPS the people who elected them or the country.....and you are unable to do so.

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I just did show you

In reply to: And it's a useless piece of nothing

If you don't understand politics read a book on the subject.
Take a course at your local senior center.

Gov is a business.
For the people who run the business or want to run the business it's all about get elected or reelected.
The gov business product is power.

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You gave NO example of anything

In reply to: I just did show you

that would be good for the people or the country they are supposed to be serving....

All I've seen so far has been crap from radical far left that even their own party won't vote for.

And that 'res' that passed in the House will NOT stop him from getting the money....he has the authority to get it and has already gotten part of it quite easily. So they passed something that means nothing, will never reach the Senate passage....so, in essence, they wasted taxpayer dollars as usual to accomplish nothing after nearly four months in power.

When, in your opinion, do you think they WILL begin REAL work that they've been hired to do.

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In reply to: You gave NO example of anything

The res had very little chance of success.

Nancy knew that at the start.

It's purpose was to show the people who voted for them that the house dems were doing their job and to gain talking points in the next election.

When the dems sweep the board after the next election and we get a sane person driving the bus we will go off in the proper direction.

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"we"?????? thought so

In reply to: Res

Don't you ever get tired of 'token' gestures from your party that you and they know ahead of time will go nowhere? Noting gets done at that rate. Why not actually put forth the same amount of effort to actually accomplish something that both sides could think might be a good idea?

You guys have nothing to offer...….

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Your party??

In reply to: "we"?????? thought so

The dems are not my party.
I accept the way politics is done in congress.
Each side of the aisle is in constant CYA mode.
Neither side wants to do a little give+take.
It's been going on for yrs.
I think it's a dumb way to run a business.

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Oooh! Oooh! Can't resist.

In reply to: Bob has it partially right....but he's

Is that why Trump turns down his paychecks?
Just askin'.

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Almost correct

In reply to: Bob has it partially right....but he's

It's true that most businesses win by 'outshining the competition' , as you note. But some also take active steps to decrease confidence in their rivals - it is done in advertising all the time - and so thereby come out on top. I'm not saying it's wrong, per se, to do so, just that it is perhaps used so much that it creates the impression that there are no rules *at all* in market manipulation.

Same in the political sphere - we as voters have come to expect underhanded attacks on the opposing party to the point that it's "business as usual". Should we? Should we ask more of our elected and un-elected leaders? I'd say yes. Just as the metric once used for comedians - if they cannot get a laugh without going "dirty" in their routine, then they were considered less than the "clean" comics.

I think the Democratic party as a whole has regressed to the point that some of them, individually and in groups, has given up on their once renowned "take the high road" policy and has gone "dirty". Whether this is warranted from the behavior of the Republican party or whether both parties have essentially given up on the veneer of civility is the question.

I have hope because there are still individuals on both sides who refuse to take the "low road" and therefore treat each other with respect and consideration. It's the only way to get the country rolling again in the right direction. It would be a nice start, anyway, if we could all be on the same playing field.


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How true it is that

In reply to: Almost correct

it's not always what one says but how they say it. Shouting at someone with expletive laced language causes their point to be lost and tantrums should yield the opposite of what is desired. As well, how one prefaces a thought can be as or more important than the thought itself. I'm sure that, somewhere, thoughtful people have intelligent conversations but news cameras don't show up at such happenings.

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Maybe it is accelerated

In reply to: How true it is that

by our "instant" society? One of the things I really like about SE is that it is quite similar to old fashioned letter-writing. One can take one's time and reflect before firing off an ill-tempered or ill-considered reply. That I don't always do so is my fault only ( rueful expression goes here). While the negatives of not seeing body language and tone clues from speech that one gets from face-to-face conversation is missing in letter writing, perhaps it is balanced by the time and thought one can focus on trying to be understood and understanding another's view.

The weird thing is lots of young people prefer to text each other rather than use their 'phones' actual speech function, but when asked why by researchers offer that it's less stressful while giving them a bit of time to form their words without appearing flustered or "un-cool" *but* also appear to be unconcerned about appearances, even glib or blase. So maybe the art of conversation is at least changing if not actually dead or dying? :^) I don't know. I can see the advantages of a wall or screen of sorts but the long term consequences of delayed emotional proficiency from this is rather frightening.

I'm sure young people would also say I'm past my sell-by-date, and they'd be right. But many of them are somewhat worried, too, according to the same researchers. Heck, my teachers in middle school used to call my generation "TeeVee Babies" as a jab, which I guess was true, though my sister and I loved books growing up and still do. Such comments hurt but were well-intentioned.

But that's no excuse for old men (and women) to rail at each other. One would think age brings patience, if nothing else? :^)


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We tried to tell you guys this over and over

In reply to: Do they have stupidphones???

and nobody was interested in hearing it....even though the actual proof of collusion and the attempt to interfere with the election results was all coming from the other side. The standard response, even today, from the liberal left and the Dem candidates running is STILL that Trump was working with the Russians and they don't believe the Mueller/Barr report/summary so the Dem House will continue their own investigation crap. Spend the taxpayer dollars because $40M wasn't enough and refuse to do any actual work for the people. Resist is everything even now...…

So I guess the answer to your question of "Aren't YOU people ever happy?" is a loud and resounding "NO"....

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"you guys"

In reply to: We tried to tell you guys this over and over

No, Toni, you didn't tell me; I'm not one of 'those guys' on any side. We have a different view of collusion, overarching, and more inclusive. You ain't seen nothin' yet. Sad

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In reply to: Trump! Mueller! Putin! Maybe someone can splain.

The loser does whatever they can to block the winner from getting anything done.
The loser does whatever they can to paint the winner in a bad light.
This is all done in an effort to make sure the winner is not a winner again.

Seems like a dumb way to run a business.

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Your last sentence answered it, Bob.

In reply to: Splain


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