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trouble with comcast cable internet - freezes lags

I've been having a problem with my cable internet from comcast for months, probably over a year, and nobody there seems to be able to help.

The biggest hurdle is that the issues happen over night so it seems like they can't really do anything as they won't send a tech out at that time of night to see the problem.

The problem is that starting sometime between 10-12 at night and going until the next morning, my internet freezes up every few minutes. Sometimes the freeze lasts a second, sometimes a minute, sometimes it goes out completely. I can hardly play online games on the PC anymore as it's constantly freezing me and my Xbox is now completely useless as the freezes totally DCs me from Xbox Live every few minutes.

During all these problems my modem never seems to go out. All lights stay on as normal. And when I call the tech line and they check my modem they ALWAYS say my modem looks good, even when it's going haywire on my end. The ONLY time anybody ever saw anything was when it did it ONCE during the day while a tech was here. He said it was bit rate errors. But nobody has ever seen a problem since then, even though it still doesn't work right.

I've bypassed the router and went straight from modem to PC and the problem still exists.

I'm just about at the end of my rope with dealing with this and could use some advice on something to try if anybody has any suggestions.

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Reporting: trouble with comcast cable internet - freezes lags
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Comcast Problem

It could be that you are on a cable modem like everyone else on your block (or in your apartement) and when everyone gets on at the same time (around nighttime), your connection is slower due to the fact that you all share the same cable line and that could cause issues.

Maybe you need to switch to a DSL provider and see if that fixes the problem....

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Comcast Problem

I know that could cause problems but I doubt it in this case. I can't imagine that everybody in my area is using the internet at 3 in the morning. And the last tech said nobody in my area has reported any problems.

There is nothing else in my area. It's either comcast or dial up.

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few ideas?

(note: comcaste rep in nashville tn, though i am at work taking calls i am forum sufing when calls are slow coming in, and therefore not representing comcast)

I had a issue a long time ago and still like ping plotter. which continuiously pings a website and all the hops that get you to it. which can help identify if its one router out there thats causing the issue.

It has helped me in the past when a issue simalar was happening (the local node was ok but the connection from it to the main node was bad)

If your in a apartment there may not be much that could be done if its a bad signal.
If its a home a tech could check the drop (wire going from pole to your home) to see if it needs fixing, or try new splitters in the box outside your home (they can go bad, and if you have a splitter with unused spots it causes waste signal)

I hope this helps some man, you might want to contact Frank on Twitter (AKA Comcastcares) or e-mail for more help.

take care and let me know if it helps any.

Luke Aka Mementh

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Comcast.... WE HAVE A VOICE

Comcast / Xfinity collects billions of dollars from us. Without us they are out of business... remember that. When we stand together they will listen. There are numerous complaints concerning internet freezes and internet advertisement freezes. Comcast routinely denies that a problem exists. When they have acknowledged that something may be wrong they blame their advertisers. Comcast (in effect) hires these advertisers. The advertisers PAY COMCAST to run their ads. Enough is enough Comcast!!! The only way Comcast is going to do anything is if we bombard them with complaints. So email, tweet, msg., text and most importantly call call call. And don't stop calling. And don't let them put you on hold. Secondly, call your local news... what makes a story newsworthy is OUR VOICE so speak up America. Third step is CANCEL YOUR SERVICE. I know that in many cases this creates a hassle. Keep your eye on the prize folks. We are standing together to achieve a common goal. Comcast will scramble to get your business back. So cut and paste this everywhere you can... And don't stop making noise until they start listening. WE have the power... let's use it.

Thanks Everyone

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