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The only way I can load Disqus with a page that uses Disqus for it's comment section is to flush the DNS, then the page loads fine a new window. But upon accessing the web page a successive time the Disqus comment section does not load, unless I close the page, flush the DNS again and reload the page. This problem is occurring with FF 66.0.2 (64-bit). In addition, when I return to the page after closing the FF's built-in Narrator, I have to flush the DNS and access the page in a new window all over again. One of the pages I am experiencing this problem is, though the problem occurs with other web sites as well with the exception of which loads the Disqus Comments sections just fine.

I have tried System Restore, sfc /scannow, reinstalling FF - even installing earlier versions of FF. I have also tried updating and running full scans with Windows Defender, Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Disc Cleanup, CCleaner and adding to Trusted Sites in Internet Options, but non of these have been of any help.

I am using RAMDisk from I have tried turning the RAMDisk off but this too has had no effect.

I had been experiencing the same problem with IE 11, but I no longer experience it after having flushed the DNS.

I am also using Windows 10 Home (64-bit) with a 64-bit machine and all OEM, MS and Windows updates.

Would appreciate any help anyone could offer.

Thanks. Charlie.

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Reporting: Trouble using Disqus
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Clarification Request
Since Flushdns worked.
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Have you tried another DNS?

Thank you for relying Bob. Long time no post. Guess I should have mentioned I'm also using OpenDNS and quicksetdns by - have been for a few years now with no problems.

This morning I switched to Google Public DNS. This time couldn't get Disqus to load on articles with Google Public DNS, OpenDNS and the ISP's (Verizon) DNS, even immediately after flushing DNS. At the Disqus Comments section still loads.

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So this is browser specific?

Once in a while folk run into where a site doesn't work right with a certain browser. That's nothing I really work at. I just use the browser that works. Eventually the browser or the site gets fixed without me doing a thing. I've learned from this to not spend time on "this browser doesn't work with this site."

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Have you tried to flush the dns and then turn dns caching off?
I don't use less thing for the machine to less thing to get screwed up.

The next step is to pick the dns servers you want to use.
I used this tool to find the best 2.....primary and secondary.

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GRC DNS Bencharmark

Would disabling the DNS cashing slow web surfing?

Confused about the GRC benchmark software. The site indicates it is "Compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows 95 through Windows 7." Do you happen to know if it is safe to run on Windows 10? Can it be used to actually change the DNS server? Read the info at the link but neither of these were mentioned.

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Slow the web?

Perhaps it does but I have not seen it.
Disable the caching and test.

I don't use w10 so test GRC and see what happens.

The benchmark won't change servers for will need to do that manually.
Look a little further down on the benchmark page and I think it explains how to do that.

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I tried the Benchmark tool (quite handy) Right now I'm trying a different DNS with the fastest OpenDNS as backup.

Right now I'm surfing with DNS disabled. With DNS off, pages tend to open kind of slow, but successive loads of the same pages as well as different pages at the same sites, seem to load much faster. Of course pages that are very busy or cluttered still open and reload a rather slow.

In either case, the disqus comments sections in articles still do not load. However, other visitors are still able to access and post to the disqus comments section at newsbusters articles. And since I am still able to access and post to articles at newsbusters with IE, I assume it must be a problem with my FF browser. Since I've tried reinstalling my version of FF, even earlier versions of FF, even with add-ons disabled, I'm still thrown for a loop. I guess newsbusters disqus comments section opening just one time immediately following a flushdns was some kind of fluke - wish I could figure that out!

I emailed support at newsbusters, but it usually takes three or four months to hear back from them.

Thanks Robert and Bob for ll your help. Would appreciate any other ideas to checkout.

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In my simple way

Dns caching is a plus if the servers are a long way away....think delay...if the servers are quite busy...think delay....if your using dial-up....think delay.

In my case the 2 servers I picked are only about 75mi away and they seem to have ample muscle to handle the load.

The next step was to run an ad blocker so I was not bombing the server with request for the junk that clutters up web pages.

Since every user is different you need to run your own test.

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