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TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE with file downloads

Okay, here's what's happening (or not, in my case). I have a Dell Studio laptop with Windows Vista and up until a week ago, I was able to save files under any format; i.e. gif, png, jpg. Now, all of a sudden, when I tried to save an animated gif it won't let me...same with jgp or png. I do digital scrapbooking and some tagger graphics and when I go to try and save anything it just comes up untitled bmp. I have tried everything...I've emptied my temporary files (which I always did anyway), I have tried increasing temp file storage, I have reset things and even tried a system restore. So what gives? What can I do?

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Reporting: TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE with file downloads
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Re: trouble

Can you tell exactly what you do?
- What program do you use to download and save?
- Can you give an example (link an picture) so we can try ourselves?


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Responding to inquiries

Not sure what you mean when you asked "tell exactly what I do?" If you mean graphically, I do nothing elaborate, like I said, just some digital scrapbooking and do some personal tags for friends and family. When I go to digital scrapbook blogger sites and download zipped files I have no trouble opening and saving. It's just when I go to sites that have individual graphics, etc. and want to save one thing, i.e. an animated gif or a png file that I have the problem. I don't use any particular program...I have Windows Photo Gallery and Paint, but when I want to save a file, I just right-click, save and it goes where it goes. Sorry I'm not being very specific about that...but that's just how it works. Like I said, tho, no problem when I use WinZip and I also use WinRAR with no problems. As for linking a picture to you, it's not pic in particular or one site in particular, it's all animation. Oh, and I use some text sites for making some transparent text as well...just various ones on the web.
Thanks for you input and sorry if I'm not being very clear. I'm just ready to take a hammer to it all, tho. Debbie

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re : TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE with file downloads

Hello there,

what browser do you use ? I have a dell studio laptop with vista. Try running your browser as administrator.
Where are you trying to save the images ? Desktop ? Sometimes some folders might have restricted access and yes all of a sudden too... lol

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*program* not browser

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replying to your reply (in a very roundabout way)

Hello. I inadvertenty responded to your reply by NOT clicking the right thing. Thus, just showing my computer savvy (or, lack thereof). Anyway, my reply is listed below under (ironically) Woe is me and my ignorance of technology. For which I apologize for.

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Tagger graphics

Not sure what they are so I will ignore those unless you think that is significant.

Downloading from where?

Which browser? Does this happen in all browsers?

So you create animated Gifs and when you try to save them, what happens? What do you use to create animated Gifs?

What changed since last week when this worked?

I have heard of users who try to save images in the AOL browser having problems before but that appears to be a setting in the browser. Does that ring a bell with you?



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You didn't mention the browser you use but ...

this is a well documented issue with Internet Explorer.

The cure is usually to empty the Temporary Internet cache but there can be other causes.

This link mentions the cache but also mentions a setting on the Advanced tab of the Internet Options.;en-us;Q260650

There is another possible cause if a damaged file is downloaded to SystemRoot\Downloaded Program Files folder and the following link steps you through the fix.

If you are using AOL browser you can disable graphics compression to rid yourself of the problem.

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Nod to the bmp.

This one is now well known. What I can't figure out is why Microsoft left this bug unfixed.

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Woe is me and my ignorance of technology

I am running as administrator and use no particular program...just right-click/save/happily move on to next graphic...UNTILLLL NOW! I save my images to various Documents files I have specified for whatever graphic I am saving.
Thanks very much for your input. I'm ready to give up and unplug, tho.

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Still in trouble

I have Road Runner. And I don't make the animation, I just go to sites that have animated gifs, and if I see one I think I might like to use, I save it. Have mercy on my poor deluded soul if I ever actually TRIED to create an animation. They'd be wheeling me out with the mouse cord wrapped around me. Altho, when I take a picture and use a site that allows me to make it "rain" I can still do that. Go figure. Any suggestions as to what else I can do other than the things I have already tried will be appreciated.

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In addition to....

Oh, I forgot to mention that when I try to save an animation, if I right-click "Save as" it comes up as untitled bmp. If I right-click "Save target as" it comes up as ef24 HTML Document. WHAT THE HECK!? DO computers REALLY have gremlins?

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The laptop is about to hit the blacktop

Thank you very much for all your effort. But could you maybe refer me to a really good exorcist now? I had previously went to those very links you listed before I wandered upon this site. And emptying the temp internet files didn't work. I TRIED to rid myself of an "unknown" file in the Downloaded Program files (it was a Java update, but when I right-clicked like I was told to do, so I could delete the pesky file, it only came up as "Properties". And my "Do not save encrypted files" is unchecked. So, GRRRRR on all that. And I am on Road Runner. And am about to go beep-beeping mad.
Thanks to you and everyone who have responded to my dilema. I will, no doubt, be sitting here bald, next time I log on, tho.

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Check below for my reply to YOUR reply

Well, I in my ignorant mind shall appear, a dim-witted lady in electonic fear. Sorry, but my reply to your post is listed below under...Still in trouble. In no way am I making light of your offer of help. I am merely shining the light on the person (albeit, me) who does not know where to point her mouse.

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check below...laptop is about to hit the blacktop

Sorry to EVERYONE who has kindly offered me suggestions in regards to this most annoying issue. As you can tell, I am a person who sometimes goes "click" before she makes sure what she is clicking on. I may not be of a brilliant mind in all things technological, but I have tried to solve this myself...having tried all suggestions, tips, voodo curses...but nothing is working. Sooooo, do I just give up and/or take my laptop to the E-doc? Or pull it's little plug and buy a Kindle and see if I can mess THAT up, too?

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What program.

In post #2 I asked what program you used to download that file. I had expected an answer from the list:
- Internet Explorer
- Firefox
- Opera
- Chrome
- Safari
or a few less used browsers. But you answered that you didn't use any particular program.

My advice now: use one of others than you use now. Internet Explorer is included with Windows. Firefox and Chrome are free downloads. So you've got at least 2 alternatives to try. It's very well possible that one of those 2 will work correctly. Then use that in the future.


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Ok, sorry about the confusion. Yes, I've checked into that possibility as well and have considered it. Was reading the pros/cons of Firefox And I saw that Chrome was fast. <shrug> Might work. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Bug, you say?

Yes, I've read of other people like me who've had this issue...most of them had eventually found solutions. So why am I still desperately seeking? Should I take my measely little laptop to Microsoft headquarters and demand attention? I'm nearly at that point.

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Since the normal fixes in my previous post ...

didn't appear to solve your problem you might want to CAREFULLY read what is on this following link then try the repairs and re-installations if necessary after first trying the automatic repair.


You did mention that your OS is Vista but you did not mention whether you have applied any service packs nor have I seen where you mention the version of Internet Explorer you are using - it does make a difference.

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Stupid Internet Explorer

Thanks for the advice and link. I might just switch to Firefox or Chrome, tho. Or would it be wise to give up on my DIY before I go "click" again and maybe make matters worse, and seek "live" taking it to a computer repair shop?

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Re: live help

Downloading and uninstalling Firefox and Chrome is harmless and riskless. If they don't work correctly either or you don't like them, it's easy to uninstall them again (or simply not use them).
No need yet to bring it to a repair shop at the moment.


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Which would you suggest? Have you used either one...Firefox or Chrome? I just get very nervous when I have to do things like install/uninstall. I have a bazillion graphics and am so afraid I'll mess up some how and lose them all.
Thanks for your time.

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You would probably be happier with Firefox or Opera ...

and BOTH tend to uninstall easily and completely and without causing system problems should you decide to uninstall them.

now, you did indicate that you tried to remove a file in the Downloaded Program Files (your post 13 "...but when I right-clicked like I was told to do, so I could delete the pesky file, it only came up as "Properties". ") and since you did not appear to get the normal context menu offering three choices (update, Remove, and Properties) when right clicking on the file I would suggest that you go ahead and perform a malware scan with MalwareBytes and Super Anti-Spyware just in case your problem is exacerbated by malware BEFORE installing another browser.

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making the switch

Ok, I've done a malware scan and there are no bad files, so I am going to try a switch to Firefox. I've read pros/cons of it and all in all it just seems like a solution to my problems. I hope.
FINGERS CROSSED I don't get lost in space.
Thank you for all your suggestions!

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