I was attempting to download a couple of CD/DVD labelling programs. They downloaded OK but when the installer was run, my Norton caught the Trojan.Gen.2 bug from 'cnetinst aller'. I tried a couple of different programs to download and got the same Norton error and block.
You have a problem.

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Reporting: Trojan.Gen.2
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There is a problem there.
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Solve Problem

Interesting read but doesn't really solve the problem with the cnetinstaller. For instance the 'Pressit.com' website (the maker) uses cnetinstaller to download its CD labeling software. So, it's kind of a catch22 in that you can't get there from here.
Why doesn't CNET just fix their installer? The 'Trojan.Gen.2' virus is nasty.
This is a CNET forum; isn't anybody paying attention here?

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Sort of.

The moderators will drop big hints to avoid that download web sit and a lot more. You can see the responses at the Download.com forum but so far the bundling is so financially attractive that they can't stop.

If you feel the download isn't worth it, why use it?

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If you feel the download isn't worth it, why use it?

I don't understand the question - I want the software offered; I just cannot get it because of the bugged installer from cnet. And, I did read the Download section - some of the comments speak poorly of CNETs response to the problem as would I.

It just seems incredible that they don't fix it! Not reputable at all.

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Not incredible at all.

There are many prior discussions about bundling. Sorry about my typo above too.

If you would ask for the app you want to find without a bundle, folk may be able to help. If you want to continue about the state of download sites, well, you'll be repeating prior discussions.

What direction now?

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why not try a different one?
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If you're logged in while downloading ...

you DON'T click the big green DOWNLOAD button, but the small "secure download" (for members only!) right below that. That seems to circumvent the CNET-installer, that is included in the regular download. Worth a try.


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Thank you for reporting this.

Can you give me the link to the product on Download.com?

I want to send it to that team for investigation. Maybe the software does have something in it that is not kosher. I don't believe the installer should trigger a Norton's flag.

If you can please post the link, I'll have that team look into it.

I appreciate the help.


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Well, I was banging around so much trying to find someway to get a proper program and, frankly, don't have a clear trail as to where I was. If I find the old notes and can re-create the error, I'll get it back to you. Maybe some of the other posters have a clear shot at providing you with a path.

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But, in the meantime, you might consider one little irritation I have with posting here. When one is finished and ready to submit; when you click on 'submit reply', nothing happens. The box so slightly flinches that there is no indication the submission took place, so one clicks it again.
It would be nice if there was a positive acknowledgement that the submission 'took', like a 'sent' or something else appropriate. One does get used to it and just prays it took but..........

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I get the...

"Thank you your post has been submitted? Maybe the forums are glitching?

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After you submit a post, there should've been....

a confirmation messaging that reads as follows:

"Thank you, silvercbx , your post has been submitted.
> Click here to view your post.
> Track this discussion.
> Bookmark your submission. "

Did you not see that messaging?

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Nope, never did - all that happened was that the 'submit' SEEMED to slightly move. I tried to click several times just to watch the browser and never saw any indication that the submit actually took. But, since my post appeared in the list, I assumed it made it.
I'll watch here now really close to see if anything moves........
All that happened, since I didn't put anything in the Subject was an error message - so that indicates the submission 'took' or it couldn't have recognized the error -
I'll submit again.........

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Now I'm curious...

as to why it doesn't work for you.

Can you tell me what browser and type of device/computer you are using?


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Firefox 30.0.1

Gateway Model FX6840 - INTEL 2.8G - 8MB Ram - Tower


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(NT) Firefox 36.0.1 here. Typo?
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Hmmm I'm running the same

Win 7 64bit using FF 36.0.1 and Chrome 41.0.2272.89 m.

Wondering if you have any browser extensions or add ons that may prevent you from seeing that success confirmation.

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I've got the same, although curiously sometimes I see a confirmation at home (at work I do). I think that it's some url I blocked in the hosts-file, so usually I press ctrl-a, ctrl-c to save what I wrote to the clipboard, then press submit, then f5 to see if it was accepted and usually it is.

It's so small a problem (compared with having to wait for ads and have the pages jumping up and down while loading) that I never took the time to see the effect of unblocking urls to find out which one it as and what the side-effects of unblocking it are.


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FireFox 36.0.1

Yeah, typo

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BTW silvercbx..

FYI I'm moving this discussion to the Download.com feedback forum as it is relevant for that forum.


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No worries, since you tried a few titles and they were

all being flagged by Nortons I'll let them know.

Thank you!

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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience here, and we have shared your feedback with the appropriate site managers.

All products on Download.com are downloaded, installed, and scanned for viruses and malware before being published in our library.

We are aware of an issue with Norton flagging the Download.com Installer at this time. This flag is a false positive, and we will work with Norton on resolving the issue as soon as possible.

In the meanwhile, you should be able to set an exception within the program to enable normal downloading. Or, you can simply click the Direct Download Link that is provided on all Installer Enabled product pages (to download without using the Download.com Installer).

Read more about that option here:


For more detailed information on the Download.com Installer, please visit the following resource:


When using the Direct Download Link, please be aware that some individual software publishers will include additional, optional third party offers in their own installers.

All such offers, whether included in the Download.com Installer or in individual publishers' installers, must conform with our security policies prohibiting malware, and must also provide a working method to decline or opt-out of them during the download. You are never required to accept any offers in order to complete a download, but you will want to keep a close eye out to be sure you see and have a chance to select the decline or opt-out option for any third party offers you do not want.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact support by filling out the form on the following page:


You can access the support contact form, and our FAQ section, by clicking the "Download Help Center" link at the very bottom of any Download.com web page (in the "More" column there). From any FAQ page, just click the "Submit a Question" link in the upper right corner to go to the contact form.

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