LANC standard works with the right 2.5mm connector. If you get a cheap tripod, then expect it to fail/fall over and watch your camcorder crash to the ground.

Provide us a budget. Is less than $100 inexpensive?

I would *strongly* suggest getting a separate LANC that can attach to a tripod - but not built-in to the tripod. This way, if one breaks you are not out both. Also, you can use the LANC for other things... like if you use a camera crane and cannot see the LCD panel or eyepiece (an extension cable can be purchased - I made one with parts from Radio Shack).

A quick search revealed

I don't know how good they are - but you get what you pay for.

For a low-end consumer tripod, I use the no-longer-available SunPak 7500TM. It looks like this is similar