You usually won't need a tri-mode phone if you'll always be on Verizon's Network, but if you go into extended coverage areas (technically roaming off-network), analog might come in handy if you travel in an area that might not have been upgraded to digital yet. For me when I travel into Michigan, just a few feet from the Indiana/Michigan line, my phone switches to a flashing roaming indicator and at least while traveling through Benton Harbor and Niles areas, that area has not been upgraded to digital. The carrier in that area is Alltel and they have not upgraded their netowrk fast enough for people to drop digital completely. If you look at their phones, they're still tri-mode, where nearly all of Verizon's flip-phones are all digital (CDMA 800/1900mhz). Alltel uses CDMA too. It's because of other carriers that haven't upgraded their CDMA networks fast enough that I won't go to an all digital phone yet.