Hi hgsmile

I've just checked out Blu-Ray camcorders which record HD video onto BD discs and hard disc. Hitachi, Sony, Canon and Panasonic have all launched products. If you get a disc based camcorder, I'm sure you'll be able to play your recorded footage on your existing blu-ray player without issue. I'm not sure about the editing facilities the cameras offer, so it's worth finding out, especially if you don't want to buy a Blu-ray recorder as well, seeing as you already have a player.

Facilites on offer vary from make to make and model to model.It's really well worth reading as many reviews as possible from both specialist magazines and general public. This will give you a good technical information and personal views on a product.
Downloading the relevant instruction manuals from the manufacturers' websites will also allow you to see how the equipment works

You would also need to buy blank BD-R or BD-RW discs for HD capture. DVD's won't be suitable because they are standard-def.

Good luck.